Bridal Necklace

Each bride has her own priorities when it comes to her D-Day. We believe that all bridal jewellery definitely makes it into the top 3 on their wedding list. While bridal jewellery is on the top 3, one of the remaining two top priorities must be the wedding dress! We say this because these two factors together play a crucial role on your wedding day. The wedding dress and the bridal jewellery have enough significance that together they can either make or break your ideal dream bridal look!

One of the most important days of your life should not be compromised in any way because of any mistake you make while selecting your bridal dress or jewellery! To make sure you have all the information that you need before heading out for your bridal jewellery shopping, we bring to you the 5 important things to keep in mind before buying your bridal jewellery.

1. Buy your dress before buying your bridal jewellery.

This is a step that can ease the process of jewellery selection in terms of your design easier for you. We give this advice to our customers because once they have selected their wedding dress, the selection of gemstones and gold tones for the bridal jewellery becomes an easier task. Moreover, the bride gets an idea as to how much heavy work she wants on her bridal jewellery or how subtle she wants the work to be. This awareness of style is made possible when you have your wedding dress already picked out for you. If your bridal outfit has heavy work on it, then you can make the bridal jewellery to be simpler to balance the look. If your bridal outfit is subtly chic, then you can go for heavy and bulky wedding ornaments in your bridal jewellery set on your wedding day. You should also keep in mind the neckline of your wedding outfit, as the depth of the neck should be just right for the bridal necklace to fit in.

2. Fix a budget range.

Fixing a budget range while jewellery shopping is a key tip to shortlisting the available bridal jewellery pieces. Putting a minimum limit that you wish you should at least spend, and putting a maximum limit beyond what you don’t want to or can’t spend on the bridal jewellery is the best strategy to fix your budget range. This way you get a narrower set of options from which you can choose the bridal jewellery that would give you the best with your bridal look. Moreover, you should do this with every piece of ornament you select to include in your bridal jewellery set. We suggest this because you would want to wear some of your bridal jewellery on future occasions, and for such jewellery, you should have a lot more in your budget range. Such jewellery pieces demand longevity, which comes at a price! So keep these budget tips in mind while shopping for bridal jewellery.

3. Choose some evergreen designs!

Evergreen designs can never go wrong. For example, traditional emerald Kundan jewellery would make you stand out in the crowd on your wedding day. Along with making you the centre of attraction at your wedding, it would also give you a sense of regal royalty. Evergreen designs also have a higher resale value because of the precious and semi-precious gemstones that are embedded in this traditional bridal jewellery. This makes investing in evergreen designs like Polki and Kundan bridal jewellery a smart move while purchasing your bridal jewellery set.

4. Research the latest bridal trends before shopping for yourself.

It is extremely important to be aware of the upcoming trends in the wedding scene, especially in your country and culture. If you are going for a traditional wedding, then this step will immensely help you. For instance, we realized that this coming wedding season expanding your colour palette from the conventional red, maroon and pestle is the new trend. Brides across the world are trying out and experimenting with different colours. Experimenting with bridal dress colours automatically implies that there is going to be a similar exploration along the lines of bridal jewellery as well. This means you have to look into more options of gemstones and gold tones while selecting your bridal jewellery if you desire to enter the league of trendy brides this year.

5. Never forget your roots!

The last but the most important thing to keep in mind and probably the first action to take is to look into your family’s heirloom. Heirloom jewellery is one of the most precious possessions that women in the family leave behind for young girls and new brides who come into the family. Looking into your family’s heirloom not only saves you time and money for chasing your perfect bridal jewellery, but also adds more meaning and the symbolic presence of your ancestors to one of the most auspicious days of your life. Moreover, if you find it difficult to find to include any of the heirloom jewellery that you possess in your bridal jewellery set, then you should reach out to Liali Jewellery. Liali takes immense pride in making customized bridal jewellery, as they take a part of the heirloom and embed that part into brand-new jewellery of your choice that would also fit the aesthetics of your bridal jewellery.

Remember to make wise decisions while purchasing your bridal jewellery. After all, they have lasted for a lifetime and beyond, especially if you choose to leave behind your own bridal jewellery as an heirloom for the coming generations in your family. So, investing in good bridal jewellery is never a failed investment. Bridal jewellery shopping can be indeed a taxing task, and we hope that we have eased out the process for you to the greatest extent possible. If you have any doubts or queries, please remember that we are one direct message away. Reach out to us on our Instagram and send us your questions and bridal jewellery shopping experience at Liali.

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