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Diamond & Gold Gifts

Regalo – Joy of Gifting

The word ‘Regalo’ translates to gift in Spanish. A simple gift can convey an array of emotions from affection, gratitude, love, and appreciation to friendship and good wishes. Regalo is a collection of pendants that are designed in contemporary Spanish styles and are perfect conversation pieces to let your loved ones know that you care.

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  1. -61%
    Diamond Ruby Ring
    was AED29,000.00 Special Price AED11,400.00
  2. Diamond Necklace
    was AED61,000.00 Special Price AED24,300.00
  3. -60%
    Diamond Ruby ring-Dianaa
    was AED27,200.00 Special Price AED10,900.00
  4. -60%
    Diamond Sapphire Bracelet
    was AED23,000.00 Special Price AED9,200.00
  5. -60%
    Affair Diamond Bangle
    was AED48,300.00 Special Price AED19,300.00
  6. -60%
    Pear Shape Dia Mem Earring
    was AED47,400.00 Special Price AED19,000.00
  7. -60%
    Sapphire & Diamond Earring classic
    was AED62,400.00 Special Price AED25,000.00
  8. -60%
    Braseel Diamond Necklace
    was AED41,000.00 Special Price AED16,500.00
  9. -60%
    Emerald Pendant 1
    was AED33,100.00 Special Price AED13,300.00
  10. -60%
    Memories Ring
    was AED15,400.00 Special Price AED6,200.00
  11. -60%
    Sapphire Ring 2
    was AED25,700.00 Special Price AED10,300.00
  12. -70%
    Braseel Earring 2
    was AED19,400.00 Special Price AED5,800.00
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398 items

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