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Derived from the Latin word "Ruber" meaning red, the rich colour of this gem speaks of love and passion. Be it a ring, earring or necklace, the contrast of red rubies with the white brilliance of diamonds makes for a beautiful combination. There’s no better way to demonstrate your love than by giving an eye-catching piece of Ruby Roses.

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28 items

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  1. Ruby Set With Diamond (full set)
    was AED29,000.00 Special Price AED12,000.00
  2. -56%
    Ruby Pendant with Diamond (Ruby set)
    was AED8,000.00 Special Price AED3,500.00
  3. -56%
    Ruby Ring with Diamond (Ruby set)
    was AED9,000.00 Special Price AED4,000.00
  4. -55%
    Ruby Earrings (Ruby set)
    was AED12,000.00 Special Price AED5,400.00
  5. -60%
    Diamond Ruby Earring
    was AED27,200.00 Special Price AED10,900.00
  6. -60%
    Ring with Diamond & Ruby
    was AED27,600.00 Special Price AED11,100.00
  7. -57%
    Ruby Pendant
    was AED28,100.00 Special Price AED12,000.00
  8. -60%
    Diamond Ring with Ruby
    was AED56,700.00 Special Price AED22,700.00
  9. Ruby Pendant with Diamond
    was AED101,600.00 Special Price AED39,900.00
  10. -42%
    Round Wheel Shaped Ruby Set of Pendant & Ring
    was AED6,710.00 Special Price AED3,900.00
  11. -40%
    Oval shaped Ruby Ring With Baguette Diamonds
    was AED6,000.00 Special Price AED3,600.00
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28 items

Set Descending Direction