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For decades, we've reimagined the bracelet's form, from defiantly
bold to delicately minimal statements. Discover bangles,
chain bracelets and cuff bracelets that define your style.

Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets are a fashion accessory that can never go wrong. Explore our wide collection of diamond bracelets, from brilliantly bold to elegantly minimalistic, crafted to suit your unique style.

‘A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever’ – Anita Loos.

Bracelets have forever held a special place as a personalized accessory. From warriors adorning bracelets to flaunt victories to the superstitious endearing charms to attract luck, bracelets have delighted women and men with their versatility and allure.

Bejeweled with diamonds, our bespoke Diamond bracelets shimmer with your every move. Our collection of diamond bracelets, from our Mirage tennis bracelets to everyday chic Petite bracelets are eye-catching and classy. Liali’s vast collection of well-crafted diamond bracelets offer you stunning accessories to dazzle daily or flaunt on special occasions.

Pair your dazzling diamond bracelet with matching diamond pendant sets to ramp up your style with a bit of bling.

Work of Art

Our bespoke and original designs are crafted with intricate metalwork and delicately set diamonds to ensure an eye-catching allure. Liali offers you a range of bespoke designs that can help you blend into the current fashion trend or stand out and redefine style. We offer you a diverse collection of Diamond bracelets that include our stunning Memories collection, which is also part of the Emerald cut diamond bridal set, perfect to add stars to your special day.

Choose a diamond bracelet that can add to your personality and uplift your style from our endless treasure trove.

Durability Guaranteed

Although our diamond bracelets are elegant and slender, they are made to last a lifetime. Suitable for daily wear each sparkling trail of diamonds is made to perfection, with time and patience to ensure durability.

Liali offers you ethically sourced diamonds that are independently certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) to ensure the value and purity of your investment.

Personalized for You

Diamond bracelets can be a priceless memento to capture a moment and treasure it for a lifetime. Liali offers you delicate diamond-studded bracelets from its Petite Collection with initials crafted in pure diamonds, to make your special someone beam with joy.

Engrave a message or initials on your diamond jewellery free of cost, to make your precious moments timeless.

Shop for Liali diamond bracelets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Bahrain stores, or simply shop online to find your perfect string of diamonds to add a spark to your everyday life.


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