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Single Stone Solitaire Necklaces

"If it makes you feel fabulous; buy it!"

Single-stone solitaire necklaces are an indulgence that most women desire. A dazzling single stone solitaire necklace can elevate your personality adding a flair of sophistication and elegance to your style. Explore Liali’s scintillating collection of single stone solitaire necklaces that are waiting to adorn your beautiful neckline.

Why stop at a dazzling single stone solitaire necklace? Complete your look with our collection of dazzling single-stone solitaire earrings that exude sophistication at its best.

Bedazzling Brilliance

When choosing a single stone solitaire necklace to brighten your every guise, it is vital to select a vivacious solitaire. Our scintillating single stone solitaire necklaces are adorned with the highest-quality diamonds that have been certified by SGL – Solitaire Gemmological Laboratory. This certificate ensures that the parameters of Carat, Clarity, Cut, and Color stand up to the standard of excellence set by Liali, to guarantee the quality and radiance of your purchase.

Explore our dazzling single stone solitaire necklaces that can complement any outfit to uplift your style.

Captivating Designs

Life is too short to wear boring jewellery! Liali offers you new and unique diamond pendant designs that are bound to attract both attention and compliments. Our collection of modern solitaire diamond necklaces is trendy and unique, such as our floating diamond necklace designs.

Pair your chosen single stone solitaire diamond necklace with equally dazzling solitaire earrings or browse our precoordinated single stone solitaire diamond pendant sets for your every fashion need.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Liali guarantees you the utmost satisfaction from your solitaire necklace price and design. Our original designs are crafted to perfection by expert artisans who ensure optimal radiance from each single stone solitaire necklace design. Our diamond jewellery is intricate without compromising on durability and quality to ensure years of dazzling brilliance.

Indulge in our fabulous collection of single stone solitaire necklaces that can elevate your personality and style.


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