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Striking pendants, chains, charm necklaces and more-our
range of excuisitely crafted necklaces are made for
turning heads, whether layered together or worn solo.

Diamond Pendants – Embrace Your Sparkle

A glistening diamond pendant dangling around the neck exemplifies a woman’s elegance and style. Explore our collection of scintillating diamond pendants that are worthy of adorning your neckline.

‘A statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like too much’ – Tracy Reese.

A diamond pendant is a must-have accessory that adds a flair of sophistication to your style. Long chains or short with glistening diamond-studded pendants are a touch of sparkle that can demand attention and flaunt your personality. Liali’s awe-aspiring diamond pendants match perfectly with casual or formal outfits, ensuring you stand out and shine.

Choose a glistening diamond pendant that suits your panache and attire from our exclusive designs, curated by expert jewellery designers and artisans. Our extensive and chic collection of diamond pendants turns heads and attracts compliments where ever you go.

Gem Studded Pendants

The dazzle of diamond pendants is taken up a notch when accompanied by precious and semi-precious gemstones such as the topaz, amethyst sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Since ancient times people have worn pendants adorning their birthstones. Birthstones are gemstones traditionally linked with a month and are believed to enhance and compliment an individual’s personality.

Explore our Nouf Collection of Italian designer diamond pendants that are weaved in 18-carat yellow gold to create a rich tapestry of color, through a vignette of different shades exuded from precious and semi-precious stones, complemented by glittering diamonds.

Personalized Pendants

A diamond pendant is a very personal accessory that narrates a story about who is wearing the accessory. A bespoke diamond pendant, celebrating a memory eternalizes the moment in its timeless luster.

Our Arabic alphabet diamond-studded pendants are an special gifting option from our delicate and dazzling Petite Collection.

Expression of Love

Diamond pendants are a timeless gift option for your beloved. Our Heart pendants and Memories diamond pendants are a pure expression of love to brighten any special occasion.

Relish our affordable diamond pendant prices in UAE to complete your ultimate diamond collection. Explore our endless range of diamond pendant sets matching them with dazzling diamond bracelets that exude a charismatic appeal.

Stunningly Unique

For those looking for unique bling, we offer bespoke and breathtaking diamond pendants from our Claudia Romano Collection and our stunning Red-Carpet Collection that can make you a show-stopper on every occasion.

Indulge in our exquisitely designed diamond pendant necklaces that are trendy and vivacious to add a spark to your everyday.


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    Fancy Pink Sapphire, Ruby & Diamond Pendant
    was AED29,600.00 Special Price AED15,500.00
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    Starlight Sapphire: Red Carpet Pendant
    was AED30,400.00 Special Price AED16,000.00
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    Fancy Ruby & Diamonds: Red Carpet Pendant
    was AED24,900.00 Special Price AED13,000.00
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    Scarlet Sparkle: Red Carpet Statement Pendant
    was AED20,200.00 Special Price AED16,000.00
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    Antique Shaped Diamond Pendant
    was AED10,500.00 Special Price AED8,500.00
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    Drop Shaped Baguette & Round Diamond Pendant
    was AED15,600.00 Special Price AED11,500.00
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    Rose Gold Elegance: Oval Shaped Fancy Pendant
    was AED20,800.00 Special Price AED16,000.00
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    Two Tone Fancy Hexagonal Shaped Pendant
    was AED8,200.00 Special Price AED6,500.00
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