Groom Jewellery

A bride leaves no stone unturned for her D-Day, and it definitely pays off on the biggest day of her life when she shines as bright as her bridal jewellery! But then aren’t we forgetting something here? More like forgetting someone here?! The Groom! Just as much as the bride needs to look her best, so should the Groom. After all, it's his wedding too, and they are getting married to each other. Moreover, the better he looks the more he compliments the bride’s elegance, and together they set a visual marvel for all their family and friends at their wedding.

Just like we love and care for our brides, we are considerate of our grooms! So keeping all of this in mind, we bring to you the latest jewellery trends for grooms and styling ideas for them to rock their D-Day alongside their regal brides!

1. Get your 3Ss perfect:

The perfect 3S is your set of Sherwani, Safa and Sehra. Just as we advise our brides to decide on their wedding dresses before going jewellery shopping, we advise you to pick your Sherwani, Safa and Sehra before you pick your groom's wedding jewellery. This will help you accessorize your style for your wedding day by making it simpler. Once you have your outfit decided, you can try and see which gemstone would fit the best for your wedding outfit. Moreover, one of the best ways to pick the perfect groom’s wedding jewellery is by matching yours with hers! Match first your wedding outfit with her wedding dress. Then you both can decide on the colour palette you are seeking for your wedding style to be designed in. This way your styles will be your individual expressions and at the same time, you will be complementing each other’s looks.

2. Pick the correct stones:

While searching for your perfect set of wedding accessories, you need to pick up gemstones that meet the purpose of serving your desired aesthetic while they promise longevity. Even the groom’s jewellery makes great heirlooms. You can pass on the value you attach to your jewellery which was worn on one of the most important days in your life to the coming generations. For any jewellery to become great heirloom longevity is a key factor, and for that, you need to invest in the best metal and good precious and semi-precious stones. If you buy new jewellery that could stand to be perfect heirloom jewellery, don’t forget to browse through your own family heirloom, maybe your grandfather’s emerald Satlada from his wedding would still be a brilliant addition to your groom’s wedding jewellery! Designs like emerald Satlada and gold Kundan Haar are evergreens that never go out of style.

3. Keep it simple but royal:

What is the best way to keep it simple? We say it is to keep them less in number. Then how can one keep it royal at the same time? We say you can keep it simple and royal at the same time. Royal doesn’t mean crowding yourself with over-the-top groom’s wedding accessories. Keep it simple by keeping them less in number, and keep them royal by selecting pieces with intricate detailing and richer designs and carvings. If you are someone who likes to go large then explore the bulky singular groom’s wedding jewellery, there is always the perfect jewellery for every single groom! Some examples of simple but royal groom’s wedding jewellery would be duo-toned pearls neck jewellery for a pristine look, a multi-string necklace made of Zambian emeralds, a regal Har of emeralds and pearls and a final classy one of rubies and Kundan.

4. Watches and Brooches:

Watches and gold wristbands have been traditionally a classic part of the groom’s wedding accessory sets. Brooches are a modern addition to this traditional set, and together they set the best groom’s wedding accessory set more than ever. You can get your watches and brooches custom-made and make sure that they are embedded with the same set of gemstones as your neckwear and wedding outfit. Also, when it comes to the metal, you can either get your watch made in gold or have it polished with gold to blend in well with your groom's style for your wedding day. The brooches go well on your Safa, and while selecting or customizing your brooch you should be mindful of the amount of work that has been done on your Safa fabric. If your Safa is plain and simple then your brooch can be as detailed and heavily worked upon as possible, but if your Safa fabric is heavy with thread and hand-crafted work then you should go with simple and quiet designs on your brooch. Always remember to maintain the balance between your groom’s wedding accessories and your wedding outfit.

5. Your Sehra can be jewellery too!

One that is most often ignored in the groom’s wedding accessory set is the Sehra. This is a mistake that you definitely want to avoid. Always remember to match your Sehra with your Sherwani and Safa. We suggest you do so because your Sehra is worn closest to your Safa and Sherwani. Sehras are usually made with beads, and this is where you can go creative and turn your Sehra into a perfect jewellery piece for your groom’s wedding accessory set. You can use pearls, emerald beads, or ruby beads, as per your desire. Just be mindful of the gemstone you select to blend in well with the other accessories and your entire style for your wedding day. By keeping our tips in mind, you are now shopping ready for your big day! You go there and be the groom that your bride desires. Charm everyone and leave them in awe on your biggest day!

We are sure you will see the results for yourself on the faces of your family, friends and loved ones. The happiness in their eyes would be your answer. Above all, you would be flaunting those perfect wedding photos on social media in no time! And when you do that, remember to tag us! Reach out to us on Instagram with your groom's wedding jewellery purchase queries and stories!

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