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Gold Jewellery

The radiant hues of yellow, rose, and white gold jewellery
make any outfit standout.


‘Timeless. Elegant. Sophisticated.’ If these three words
resonate with you, our collection of gold rings
is made for you. Delve into our pieces of yellow, white,
and rose gold rings.

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A basic pair of gold earrings is a staple part of your
everyday style. From simple designs to modern flairs
we have plenty for you to choose from.

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Stay Golden with our timeless pieces of gold jewellery!

Bangles & Bracelets

We are in love with all forms of arm candy!
Lilai's gold bangle & bracelet collection is our way of
sharing them with the world!

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Pendants & Necklaces

Add the cherry on top with a statement necklace.
Whether it's a dainty pendant or a striking gold necklace,
your #OOTD is ensured.

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Gold Bars And Coins

Shop to invest! Apart from Jewellery, you can also
purcahse Gold Bars & Coins at Liali!
Visit our stores to learn more.

Gold Education

Gold has been one of mankind's most revered substance since
beginning of time. The sagas and myths surrounding gold are legendary,
and for many ancient civilizations only the most powerful...


Gold Care

Each piece of jewellery is an investment,
therefore you must take care of it properly.
Gold is a classic, timeless piece,
but this doesn't mean they are impenetrable to damage.



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