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Is your big day coming closer and are you still confused about which necklace should be the centrepiece in your bridal jewellery set? We know, it can be overwhelming. But you can stop worrying and being confused now. We have some tips along with the best choices available in the bridal necklace collections that would suit you the best. To begin with, you must remember that your bridal necklace is one of the most important parts of your entire bridal look! No Pressure! But you should be picky and selective while choosing your bridal necklace and other neckpieces while purchasing your bridal jewellery. Your bridal necklace should balance and be blended in tune with your bridal outfit. Now you may want to go for a chunky necklace, something traditional and reminding of the age-old culture, or even something modern and in contemporary styles of bridal jewellery. Whatever your choice is, it should be in line with your wedding outfit. In the case of a necklace, it should be in sync with your wedding blouse/top of the wedding dress and your wedding duppatta if you are going for an ethnic wedding dress. Keeping these points in mind, we have a line-up of 5 popular bridal necklace styles for your big day.

1.  Raani Haar

Raani Haars are elongated necklaces with a single string or multiple strings of gemstones embedded on a golden necklace chain. While selecting a Raani Haar, you can explore options such as Polki Kundan Raani Har or even a Raani Har that is made of fine diamonds and gold. Their magnanimous size makes them chunky bridal necklaces which will pair well with wedding blouses and dresses that have subtle and elegant threadwork. Please do not pair a Raani Har with heavily worked bridal outfits, as it would create a clash for the eyes that fall on you on your wedding day. Balance is the key, always remember! Raani Haar, just as its name suggests, is meant to make a bride feel like a queen. We are confident that such a choice will definitely make you a royal centre of attraction on your D-Day!


2. Choker Necklace

A Choker necklace is a type of necklace that is worn closer to the neckline. Its chic elegance is supposed to embrace around your neck and be the centre of attraction in your bridal jewellery set. Moreover, Choker necklaces come in various styles; you can find a narrow Choker necklace as well as a broad one. This gives you more options to set along your wedding dress. If you have a lavishly worked traditional wedding dress then you can keep the Choker necklace simple by selecting one with a broad necklace band, if your wedding dress is modern then you can blend your bridal necklace in vibe with your wedding dress by selecting a narrow banded Choker necklace. Choker necklaces come in diverse colours too, based on the gemstone set you choose. Furthermore, if you want to style your Choker necklace better with your bridal look, then you can compliment your bridal necklace with a set of regal elongated earrings.

3. Aadh Necklace

An Aadh necklace is like an extended and elaborate version of a Choker Necklace. In the Aadh necklace, you have extended strings of gemstones and gold that extend from your neckline down to your chest. If you are a bride who wants to wear one bridal necklace or do not want to pair other necklaces with your bridal centrepiece, then an Aadh necklace is the perfect fit for your wedding trousseau. You should be mindful of using your Aadh Necklace to its full potential, especially if you are a chunky necklace lover. With the space that this necklace gives, the scope to experiment is literally wide! You have enough width on this necklace to try combinations of different gemstones that would bring out the best version of an Aadh necklace for you.

4. Satlada

Satlada is a 7 stringed necklace. Its 7 strings of the gemstone of your choice, indeed a lavish look to your bridal attire. Just like an Aadh necklace, Satlada is also a popular choice among brides who want to wear one-piece neck jewellery in their entire bridal jewellery set. Moreover, the option to have a gemstone of your choice gives you the opportunity to also experiment with matching earrings. You should consider the combination of an emerald-laden Satlada, paired with matching earrings, as a bridal jewellery collection if your wedding dress is light and subtle coloured. Since Satlada is one elaborate piece of necklace in bridal jewellery, you should be considerate of the colour and the nature of the work on the bridal dress that you pair it with.

5. Navratan Haar

The Navratan Haar is a necklace that has a combination of 9 brilliant semi-precious and precious gemstones all clubbed together into a single necklace. The 9 stones used in this necklace are Emerald, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Pearl, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye. A Navratan Haar is held at an auspicious stature among bridal jewellery because of the traditional values that the combination of these 9 semi-precious and precious stones embody. From an aesthetic point, a Navratan Haar is one of the most stunning necklaces that finds its way to every beautiful bride’s heart. This necklace is the perfect blend where tradition meets beauty. Moreover, the variety of hues given out by the gemstones used in this necklace compliments your wedding dress regardless of colour.

Being stressed while putting together your perfect bridal jewellery set is natural. After all, you are preparing for one of the most special days in your life. We hope our tips and suggestions would help you make your perfect necklace from the lot that is available near you. One last tip we have for you to remember is to have fun and enjoy the selection process. Never haste your way through the selection!

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