3 Bridal jewellery styling inspirations for 2023!

A wedding for two is a festivity for many. It is indeed that one special occasion where two
families come together to celebrate the love and union of their beloved bride and groom. The
celebration of a wedding could be minimal or extravagant, that choice is yours and yours only.
At present, it is quite normal and trendy to be inspired by celebrity weddings and to create
something similar for yourself. Or you can also be an absolute original when it comes to your
wedding planning. Either way, your swing in the wedding needs a wardrobe, complementing
decor, apt jewellery, and much more.

In 2023 the word is already out, the brides of this year are going to be more colourful than ever.
Yes! You heard it right! 2023 is all about expanding options - expanding colours in wedding
decors, bridal dresses and ultimately in bridal jewellery. This means more involvement of
gemstones of vivid hues and bringing in a rejuvenating blend of the traditional and modern with
the ideals of a contemporary woman and a contemporary bride!
At Liali, we believe that each Liali bride should embody the statement of being the woman of the
present and carry on the same into her bridal jewellery selections. To enable this, we present to
you the best three bridal jewellery styling inspirations for 2023 -


1. Start with your best friends - Diamonds!

One of the essential elements of a bridal trousseau is bridal jewellery, and one of the
essential elements of bridal jewellery is diamonds! A diamond neck piece is an all-rounder
in bridal diamond jewellery that can go with almost every bridal dress, western or ethnic.
Many brides choose diamond pendant necklaces because they radiate simplicity and class at
the same time. You can even convert the neck piece to an heirloom bracelet. If one comes to
choosing a classic tennis diamond bracelet, we’d say that they are making an excellent one.
Especially if they like to wear something on their hand in routine, post the wedding day. A
memoir from the day to carry on with you for a lifetime! This everyday piece of jewellery is
elegant and classy. It will look chic with any kind of jewellery that you decide to pair it with.
It can also have diverse settings of diamonds and coloured gemstones, with two or multiple
layers stacked on top of each other. This way, you get to fulfil your meaningful wishes while
being in sync with the 2023 expanded colour pallet trend!

To explore further diamond bridal jewellery, there would be no more perfect of a choice
than mixed-cut diamond bridal jewellery. Mixed-cut diamond bridal jewellery is an
exquisite piece of bridal jewellery where different cuts of diamonds are combined in a
single set to give life to jewellery and light produces brilliance and movement in them!
Combining a variety of diamond cuts installs a unique look to the jewellery pieces.
Princess, rose, emerald, marquise, round, heart, pear, and cushion are just a few of the
popular diamond-cut shapes to mention. When these are brought together in one single
piece of jewellery what translates is not bridal jewellery but pure magic in the forms of
floral designs and traditional motifs breaking all the limits one can imagine in bridal
jewellery! Mixed-cut diamond jewellery is on top of every 2023 bride’s bridal jewellery
trends and wish list any day.

2. Play with the colours!

When it comes to adding colour to your bridal jewellery sets, the safe best way to go about it is
using traditional coloured gemstones and coloured diamonds. Traditional coloured gemstones
such as Rubies, Sapphire, and Emeralds are a go-to option for any and every bride looking to
pair their dark-hued or ivory lehengas in the most trendy way possible. A statement necklace in
gold with ruby stonework would look stunning with all varieties of bridal attire, whether it be the
traditional red, pink, or contemporary pastel lehengas or the upcoming expanded colourful
wedding dresses and lehengas. Additionally, the little detailing of emerald and sapphire would
add the pop of colour to the bridal set. Just what you needed and wanted! Bridal jewellery sets
with rubies, sapphire and emeralds are evergreen and definitely a go-to for any bride looking to
flaunt their elegance on her D-Day.

3. Bring out the Briolettes!

The Briolette Cut is a drop-shaped stone with triangular facets that resemble a raindrop, almost
like a nature-inspired jewel. They make the best bridal jewellery earring sets. Briolettes have
triangle facets that completely circle the circular cross-section of the stone and offer a
360-degree view of the stone. Most briolettes are made of white rough, however, coloured
diamonds are also used. The demand for drop-shaped earrings led to the rise of briolettes,
notably for fancy yellows, and other champagne hues. Colour gemstones are very popular in this
design. Imagine walking down the aisle or taking your 7 pheras while letting this masterpiece
jewellery to embrace your delicate earlobes. You will be as stunning as ever a bride can be.
Briolettes are not only limited to diamonds, but also belong and fit well with other coloured
gemstones. This property of Briolettes makes them a perfect fit for the bridal trend of 2023,
expand your colours and options!