As a bride, it is normal to have expectations and to be nervous. After all, there is a lot to manage
and no amount of time seems enough to bring it all together in the right place. That is why we
believe in bringing the best advice to your fingertips. As a Liali bride, all you need to do is relax
and follow the tips and tricks we provide you and let the magic of your D-Day unfold. To make
the best out of an extravagant event like the Dubai Shopping Festival, you need to be aware of
what you need and want for your wedding day. This year marks the 28th edition of the Dubai
Shopping Festival. Nearing 3 decades, the shopping festival is gearing up to give its best to all
those who will be participating in this shopping extravaganza. During this 46-day-long shopping
festival, you will come across the best and the most unbeatable deals on everything from fashion
to jewellery! If you are a soon-to-be bride or someone who is planning a wedding in the later half
of 2023 you are on the right page.

While planning your wedding and bridal jewellery shopping from DSF, here are 3 important
points to keep in mind:

1. Know the wedding trends and your needs:

In 2023 the wedding trends are all about expansion. This means that brides around the globe are
going to be expanding their colour palettes. Unlike what has been the tradition of white, pastel,
beige, red and maroon, bridal dresses and bridal jewellery are expanding into other colour
varieties. In the years to come, this trend is going to morph and find new ways, but it is largely
here to stay. We don’t wish our brides to feel left out of any trend that could make them feel
special and the best. That is why it is most important to be aware of the trends that exist around
your wedding day to match and catch up to them. Meanwhile, even though you are following a
wedding trend, never forget to make your wedding your individual statement day, after all, it is
your special day. This is where heirloom jewellery has a huge role to play. While shopping for
your bridal jewellery at DSF, remember to get the best and most durable bridal jewellery pieces
from the shopping festival. We advise this as these jewellery pieces can make the best heirloom
jewellery that your future generations will cherish for a lifetime. Moreover, DSF is here to stay
as a tradition, so when your kids and their kids will come to buy their bridal and wedding day
jewellery from the DSF they will remember you and your heirloom and all the good and fun
stories you tell them about your DSF shopping experience.

2. Find the best discounts and offers:

The major motive for anyone who comes to shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival is to bag as
much as they can to get the best of the discounts and shopping offers that they can find. At Liali,
we have some jaw-dropping offers and discounts for you! To mention a few offers that we have
this year. You can get a free diamond pendant from our Midnight Rose Collection when you shop
over the amount of AED 17,700. You can also get a pair of free earrings if you purchase our
Tennis Necklace, priced at AED 14,500. Want to hear one more crazy yet irresistible jewellery
offer? Here you go, you stand a sure-shot chance to get a ring free with your purchase of a Joie
de Vivre necklace and earrings set worth AED 22,500. When we tell you about finding the best
offers and deals at DSF, this is what we mean! Getting free jewellery from a purchase is unheard
of anywhere in the world, and that is why we want you to make the most of such a
once-in-a-year opportunity, especially closer to the most important day of your life.

3. DSF offers you not only the best deals but a holistic Dubai experience!

As a soon-to-be bride, there is much more to your wedding planning and experience than your
bridal jewellery shopping. Of course, bridal jewellery shopping is a major part of your wedding
experience, but there is more to this experience that we want you to cherish and be able to
celebrate. That is why we believe that Dubai will be the perfect destination for having your
perfect grand bridal experience. Be it your bachelorette party or your related wedding
ceremonies, there is a perfect venue for every kind of event that you wish to include in your
master wedding plan. Moreover, planning your wedding around and during the Dubai Shopping
Festival allows your guests to experience a slice of the world's major shopping festival, giving
them opportunities to make new and special memories as your wedding guests. DSF will be the
perfect add-on, like the icing on the perfect cake that your wedding will be. So don’t think twice
if Dubai is where you chose to host your wedding and memories!

When it comes to planning your bridal jewellery shopping and the destination for your wedding,
your decisions are crucial and most important. After all, it is your day, one of the most important
days of your life that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It is meant to bring you and your
partner and both of your families together. And we can guarantee with pride that there is no place
better to be a hosting heaven than Dubai when it comes to weddings.

If you need anything, we are a DM away on Instagram. Please don’t forget to share the best
memories you make and the offers that you enjoyed the most at DSF. We are eagerly waiting to
hear back from you with the best news!