Every wedding expert has a major piece of advice for brides of 2023 and that is to focus on
customizing your bridal jewellery. This advice comes from a well-informed space when it comes
to putting together your wedding day. The bridal jewellery catches a major chunk of attention, at
times more than even the wedding discord and her wedding dress. As much as bridal jewellery
compliments the wedding outfit, it also serves the purpose of setting your bridal style statement.
It enables you to tell your side of the wedding story. Storytelling through your bridal jewellery
by expanding your colour palette is what is going to work out in 2023.

Now that you are aware of the purpose of assembling the perfect set of bridal jewellery together.
We want you to know that you have more than one option, both in the designs of the bridal
jewellery to make your statement and in the way you can purchase them. Did you know that you
can buy your bridal jewellery online?! Yes! Now you can! With changing times and changing
technology, the jewellery industry is catching up and has entered the e-commerce space. Now
you can put together your bridal jewellery from the comfort of your home or in between your
buzzing office schedules. You no longer have to take out your precious & valuable time to go to
a store and buy your bridal jewellery. And Liali Jewellery is one such space.

It is natural to have concerns and doubts when you are trying something unconventional. And
that is why a well-known jeweller like Liali is providing you with apt and appropriate
certifications. At Liali, you can be assured that all the diamonds you buy are 100% natural and
certified by the SGL - Solitaire Gemological Laboratory. So when it comes to the quality and
authenticity of the diamonds that you have bought, you don’t need to worry even about a sparkle.
With appropriate quality checks and certifications from authorized bodies, you can rest assured
about the authenticity and purity of the metal and the gemstones used in the making of your
bridal jewellery.

If you are concerned about choices to pick from, here are the top 3 bridal jewellery collections to
choose from at Liali:


1. Liali Diamond Bridal Sets & Necklace

When it comes to brides and diamonds, it is universally known that they are each other’s best
friends. That is why Liali contributes immense research and development when it comes to
bringing in new and traditional bridal jewellery designs that incorporate diamonds. Diamonds
carry a message of trust and resilience, two factors that are elemental to the wedding story you
aim to tell. From Liali’s Diamond Bridal sets and necklaces, here are some of the best options for
you with their details!

Joie de Vivre Necklace set with matching earrings & ring, and guess what?! If you purchase this
set now priced at 22,500 AED, you get the ring free! This is a limited-time Dubai Shopping
Festival offer. If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that you can buy with ease, convenience
and budget. This is the bridal jewellery diamond set for you. Moreover, the design of our Joie de
vivre collection is simply exquisite! Made in Rose Gold, this necklace set from Liali, embodies
the best quality sparkling diamonds that every bride would dream to adorn on her D-Day. If you
are a bride who is obsessed with multi-toned gold jewellery, then our Classic Pear Drop
Necklace is the perfect choice for you. This is a design where the serene pear-drop shape is
created using rose gold and is embraced on a chain made in white gold that is embedded with
diamonds throughout its length. For a bride who wants something strictly traditional, there is no
better match other than our Emerald Cut Diamonds Set, this diamond necklace set comes with
matching earrings, and together they made a valuable traditional tale of a wedding. Finally, from
our best lot, for a bride whose only demand is simplicity and elegance, we have our 18K White
Gold and Diamond necklace!

2. Liali Gold Bridal Jewellery

In Bridal jewellery, Gold is a staple jewellery metal! Especially in Indian and other traditional
weddings, there is no bridal jewellery set that is considered complete without something in gold!
But as we said, Liali always believes in including innovation, and in gold bridal jewellery we
have brought a tone-based revolution! Liali’s gold bridal jewellery is available in combinations
of gold tones of Rose, Yellow and White Gold. Moreover, there is a variety that is created based
on the number of lines of gold that are incorporated in the gold bridal necklace. Our Tricolour
Necklace 18-Karat Gold is made of 2 lines of multi-toned beads in the chic blend of Yellow,
White and Rose gold. For a bride who likes multi-lined beaded necklaces, we have our Two-tone
Gold Necklace in a clever combination of 18-Karat Yellow and Rose Gold, in 3 lines. For a
simpler version of the dual-toned gold bridal necklace, a special and simple bride would choose
our 2 lined Two-tone Gold Necklace in Yellow and Rose Gold. So if you want, simple,
innovative and gold we have got you covered!

3. Liali Pearl Bridal Jewellery

Pearls carry a meaning of purity within, and that is what makes them a piece of perfect bridal
jewellery. From Liali’s Pearl Bridal Jewellery collection, you have the option to access the best
and most innovative pearl earrings. Our Pearl Earrings studs with Diamond Jacket in 18K White
Gold - they come in various colour shades of Whit and Golden South Sea Pearls & Black
Tahitian Pearls. Kimono Pearl Earrings are most appropriate if you are a regal bride seeking
simple pearl earrings! Having pearl bridal jewellery adds a classic statement to your bridal
jewellery’s narrative. And that is what 2023 weddings are all about!

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