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Club Liali

Liali Jewellery customer loyalty program, "Club Liali", is operated by Liali Jewellery LLC. As a member, you will earn points when making purchases at participating outlets, franchises or partner outlets, with your registered mobile number (RMN)* at the time of purchase.


A. Earning

1. Points will be credited to your account only upon mentioning of your "Club Liali" number or mentioning your registered mobile number (RMN**) at the time of purchase.

2. All points earned under the program are valid for 24 months and will not be available for redemption after that period. You can access your account details at any time on "Club Liali" section www.lialijewellery.com/club-liali

3. Points once redeemed against a purchase cannot be re-credited under any circumstances.

4. In the event of a purchase return by a member, all points earned on the original transaction for the returned items will be reversed from the members account, including any bonus points earned on promotional items.

5. Your points balance cannot be pooled with the points’ balance of any other member at any point of time.

6. Points earning is as per the rules outlined on the "Club Liali" website. Liali Jewellery LLC reserves the right to change all or some of the rules without prior notification. However, Liali Jewellery LLC will endeavor to advise you of any changes in the earning rates in advance.

7. Points can be earned only at participating outlets. Liali Jewellery LLC reserves the right to add or remove any of the outlets at any time without prior notification. Liali Jewellery LLC will endeavor to advise you of any changes to outlets in advance.

8. "Club Liali" points cannot be earned in conjunction with any other programs and co- marketing partnerships.

9. "Club Liali" points cannot be issued / earned on purchase of plain gold bar & coins.

B. Tiers And Benefits

  Gold Min Fine Min % Points Allocation
Platinum 75,000 75,000 3.00%
Diamond 25,000 25,000 2.00%
Gold 7,500 7,500 1.50%
Silver 0 0 1.00%

C. Redeeming

1. Only those members who have their profiles updated with Liali Jewellery are eligible to redeem the points.

2. Points can be redeemed when a member has reached the threshold of 50 AED (or a respective value in other GCC countries) worth of points, subject to Liali Jewellery LLC having the complete updated profile of the member.

3. Points can only be redeemed against Fine Jewellery purchase and are not redeemable on any plain gold jewellery in 18, 21 or 22 karat, loose diamonds, solitaire rings and solitaire-based diamond jewellery.

4. Points in "Club Liali" are non-refundable and non-transferable; members must mention their registered mobile number (RMN**) for "Club Liali" at the time of redemption of points.

5. Points earned in the "Club Liali" program can only be redeemed in the country of issuance.

6. "Club Liali" points cannot be exchanged for cash, and no amount can be refunded in cash for purchases made through "Club Liali" points.

7. Points redeemed once, cannot be used again.

8. If the value of the purchase is more than the value of the points to be redeemed, the balance amount must be paid by the member using a valid payment method.

9. Liali Jewellery LLC will not be held responsible for any fraud or misuse of any "Club Liali" points, nor for any loss as a result. Please visit www.lialijewellery.com/clubLiali to ensure you have a current copy of our Terms and Conditions. For any clarifications, you can contact us at marketing@lialijewellery.com


1. I am not a resident of the country where the store is, can I still join "Club Liali"?
Yes, anyone can join the "Club Liali" program and avail the benefits.

2. Is there a membership fee?
No, there is no membership fee.

3. Is there an annual charge?
No, there is no annual charge.

4. How do I become a member?
You can become a member of “Club Liali” after your first purchase at our stores in the UAE, Oman & Bahrain.

5. I have joined “Club Liali”, how do I earn points?
You can earn points on every purchase you make based on the tier in which you fall. Just mention your registered mobile number (RMN*) while making the purchase.
Tier % Points Allocation
Platinum 3.00% of invoice value
Diamond 2.00% of invoice value
Gold 1.50% of invoice value
Silver 1.00% of invoice value

6. I forgot my membership number, can I still earn points in the store?
Yes, you can still earn points. Just inform the cashier about your registered mobile number (RMN*).

7. Are points valid for lifetime or do they have limited validity?
Points are valid for a period of 24 months before expiry. To ensure you don’t forget about your points, we will send you a reminder 1 month before your points expire.

8. How do I redeem my points?
Just visit any of our store and at the time of payment, inform the cashier that you would like to redeem your points. Remember, you can start redeeming points after initially reaching a minimum of 50 points.

9. Can my family members earn rewards on my behalf?
Yes, just share the RMN* with your family members and ask them to mention it while making the purchase.

10. Can my family members redeem points on my behalf?
Yes, but we will send a One Time Password for validation to your registered mobile number (RMN*) at the time of points redemption and your family member will need to give the validation code to the cashier.

11. Where can I check my points balance and purchase history?
You can check your points balance and purchase history at www.lialijewellery.com/club-liali

12. Can I convert my points into cash?
No. Points can only be redeemed while making a purchase at the store only and are not convertible to cash.

A. General T&Cs

1. By becoming a member of “Club Liali”, you provide acceptance to the program rules, terms & conditions, which are subject to amendment from time to time without prior notice.

2. Liali Jewellery LLC reserves the right to modify, cancel or withdraw any of the terms or conditions with or without cause and without notice. It also reserves the right to discontinue program membership, temporarily for a period of time or permanently.

3. Rewards and offers earned through the program may change or be withdrawn without prior information.

4. Liali Jewellery LLC will not be responsible for any liability arising from such situation.Liali Jewellery LLC reserves the right to modify program structure of "Liali Club", including the number of points earned and value of these points.

5. Liali Jewellery LLC reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any or all of the “Club Liali” memberships issued; refuse to award points; withdraw points; refuse the right to redeem points collected for any breach of these conditions.

6. Liali Jewellery LLC will not be liable for any unlawful activities or misuse of the “Club Liali” memberships or account

7. As a member of “Club Liali”, you give your approval to Liali Jewellery retaining your information and the use of this information to offer you products and services and for Liali Jewellery LLC market research.

8. Liali Jewellery LLC reserves the right to contact members for membership information and account statements even if you have opted out of receiving communications.

9. Membership of the program can be revoked or cancelled on breach of terms and conditions or involvement in any act of fraud, shoplifting, cheating with or without cause and without prior notice. In this given scenario, all your existing points on the "Club Liali" membership will also be cancelled and cannot be redeemed.

10. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the country issuing the membership and any dispute may be referred to the courts of the respective country.

11. The terms and conditions as published on the "Club Liali" website https://www.lialijewellery.com/ from time to time shall be final and binding and supersede the terms and conditions herein and other information as provided in relation to the program.



* All “Liali Club” members in UAE, Oman & Bahrain are registered under the loyalty program through a mobile number only and is used for identification.