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From fairytales to folklore, jewellery has always had a space as not only a gift but as a special one. In those tales of passion and compassion, jewellery is often the totem of love! There is a reason why jewellery has been culturally seen as a perfect gift, and we will be introducing a few of those reasons for you with all the necessary explanations. Be it your friend, family or any other loved one, read ahead to know all that you need to know while gifting the best gift, jewellery!

1. Longevity: 

When you hear the word “heirloom” it's always a piece of jewellery that comes to your mind. There’s a reason for that, and it is that jewellery lasts! When treat with care and repaired when required, jewellery can be passed on from one generation to another. This cycle of passing down love and legacy can last for generations because of the longevity that jewellery has to offer. Even within one generation, the one who receives jewellery as a gift remembers the other who gifted them that piece of jewellery with every glance they look at it. The credit is due with the longevity that a piece of jewellery has to offer, as a gift that would remain a reminder of memories and a sustainer of love.


2. Value for Money:

Jewellery is expensive for the quality and beauty it has to offer. When you are willing to make the move to buy a piece of jewellery for someone you love, as a gift, it conveys a message as to how much you value them. But that doesn’t mean if you don’t gift the most expensive jewellery as a gift, you don’t love them enough. It is the gesture that matters, the gesture of putting your hard-earned money to buy a souvenir of love that is beautiful and value-laden for someone. It conveys that you value them, and they are a priority of yours.

3. Customizable:

Selecting a gift can be a hassle, a confusing one indeed! But the best part about gifting jewellery is that you have a wide range of designs and settings to choose from and there will be a perfect gift for your loved person in there, if not you can design and get it customized! Customized jewellery is an evergreen trend and the smartest gift move! While customizing jewellery, you can pick a stone that matters to you and your loved one, or even add personal souvenirs to the piece of jewellery. For instance, to celebrate a childhood friendship anniversary, you can add a piece of memory from back in the days into your piece of jewellery, it could be anything like beads from a friendship bracelet from your childhood days, dipping them in gold and adding it to be a part of brand-new jewellery would be the perfect customized gift you could convey how much this long-standing friendship means to you.


4. Versatility:

Jewellery as a gift is for anyone and everyone, which makes it the best and the most versatile gift available out there! Regardless of your budget, there is always a gift in each jewellery store that is a perfect gift for your loved ones. It doesn’t matter how old your loved one is, what their gender or skin tone is, there is a gift available in jewellery for everyone. Rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, watches, earrings, nose rings, the list just goes on. The number of loved ones in your life for sure is limited, but the range of gifts that are available for you to express your boundless love for these select few dear ones is as boundless as your love. These factors make jewellery not only the best gift for your loved ones, but also the most versatile and perfect match for them.


5. Emotional Value:

With every piece of jewellery bought and gifted, there is an emotional sentiment attached. It exists for both, the buyer and the receiver of the gift. The one who gifts the jewellery gets to experience the thrill of planning this surprise for some they love and matter to them. They also get a chance to express their affection through selecting the design and stones on the piece of jewellery. Each gemstone has a feeling to convey, and these are the emotions that the one who gifts gets to embody in the piece of jewellery they selected for their loved one. The receiver, on the other hand, has the privilege of being excited with something least expected yet most valued. They get to experience the adrenaline rush when the one who gifts brings in a box with a surprise hidden in it, and there it is! The precious jewellery conveys emotions that one couldn’t express in words, but could only use other means to convey. It fills both parties involved by sharing a common emotion of gratitude for having each other in their lives. They both will remember the memory made on the day of receiving that piece of jewellery as a gift, where it was given and how it made them feel. For the receiver of the gift, they will always remember their loved one who gifted the jewellery, at every single sight of it and every single time they wear it. Not only is it a reminder of memories and associated emotions, but the gift itself becomes a part of it.


Life is short but is meant to be lived to the most of it! If you love someone, show them how dear they are to you and how much they mean to you by the smallest gestures of kind words to some grand ones, like gifting them jewellery. The meaning that this small piece of gold and gems would carry would be remembered for a lifetime and beyond. Both you and your loved ones deserved such memories, and at Liali, you are always a step closer to making such possibilities into a reality of lived experience!


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