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Planning to gift your dear ones jewellery? Please be willing to dive into the wide variety offered in precious gemstones in jewellery. Since ancient times, gemstones have been a part of every diverse culture globally. Each culture has a myth or folklore that is associated with precious gemstones and their innate powers, giving them a contemporary meaning. It is the embodiment of these contemporary meanings that adds value to their gemstones in jewellery, especially those gifted to loved and dear ones. Imagine having a significant meaning associated with a gift that would last for a lifetime, imagine it becoming an heirloom. There is so much meaning and emotional value attached to the gifted piece of jewellery that both the one who gifts and the receiver of the gift would carry that meaning in their heart and live up to it on their own terms.

1. Ruby:

Rubies occur in rich hues of red and embody a richer meaning of courage, life force, and passion. In ancient India, Hindu mythological beliefs revolve around rubies, such that offering rubies were considered to grant a divine promise to belong in Royal in the future lives to come. Ruby is believed to fill one’s life with safety, wisdom and wealth, what a perfect combination of fortunes! The perfect occasion to gift your dear ones, jewellery embedded with rubies would be when they are making a significant move in their lives by setting out on their own. This could be your child moving out to live in their own space, the rubies will be a promise of safety, wherever they go and wisdom for all the decisions they have to make on their own. This could also be a friend who is venturing out to set up her own business, a ruby gold ring would promise her wealth and wisdom for all the big decisions she is bound to make in building her business empire!


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2. Diamond:

Diamond is considered not only a precious gemstone but also the most valuable stone. This extremely valuable gemstone was believed by ancient Romans and Greeks to be the tears of gods or as splinters from falling stars! Ancient Romans even believed Cupid’s arrow to have a diamond-embedded tip, which very well explains why diamonds are associated with love and relationships intense with love. Wearing diamonds is seen as armour that will protect them from danger. For all the said reasons, diamonds are believed to be a symbol of purpose, initiation and clarity. This intense sense embodied in diamonds makes them the perfect gemstone for gifts for your partner on any occasion. Right from a diamond engagement ring to anniversary gifts, diamonds would be a perfect gift for your beloved partner!


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3. Emerald:

Emeralds are believed to be stones of intuition and foresight. They are often associated with love, rebirth and fertility. Mythical legends claim that emeralds grant their bearer the power to foresee the future, and they also protect them against evil spells and cure diseases! They represent the Greek Goddess Venus, who is believed to be the goddess of hope and love. We suggest that Emerald embedded jewellery would make perfect baby shower gifts for new mothers. It would convey your intent to acknowledge the love she embodies for their soon-to-be-welcomed young one! Moreover, encompassed meanings of rebirth and fertility add more to the sense when you think of a baby shower gift.


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4. Tanzanite:

Unlike most popular gemstones, Tanzanite doesn’t have a mythical or ancient backstory. This is because this gem of a gemstone is a recent discovery compared to other gems. Tanzanite was discovered in 1967, by a Masai tribesman in Northern Tanzania, who stumbled upon a cluster of highly transparent, intense violet-to-blue crystals weathering out of the earth! Tanzanite with its velvety-blue hues and deep purple undertones stands for the integration of heart and mind, this gemstone is the symbol of wholeness. This makes Tanzanite pendants and rings a perfect gift for dear ones with whom you feel whole, this could be a close cousin or a childhood friend, get them some tanzanite!


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5. Pearl

Pearls have a beauty that is delicate and forever elegant! Its elegance is sourced from the inner meanings of self-care, nurture and healing that it embodies. Pearls are considered to be the oldest precious gem and have been recognized vividly for their chic shimmering colour. Pearls are associated since ancient times with definitions like purity and chastity. They are also believed to protect their bearers from fire. In contemporary times pearls retain an association with innocence, and it makes pearl jewellery perfect gifts for bonds that are born out of innocence, your beautiful daughter for instance. You can get her a pearl necklace for her kindergarten graduation, and make it a family tradition to gift her pearls for crossing a major milestone in her life! She would love to have her memories to be woven around the innocence pearl jewellery embodies. Since they also embody the message of healing, pearls also make great apology gifts. To convey your intentions to heal broken bonds by gifting pearl jewellery would be a gentle and appreciated gesture of apology to the loved one with who you want to make amends and rekindle what you had before the fallout!


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Each gemstone carries embodied meanings and stands as a symbol for something significant that matters in a relationship. Be it a romantic relationship, friendship, family, or any other undefined relationship worth being cherished! There is a perfect gem to make any bond of love and care stronger and better. You just need to sit with them and listen to what these gems have to convey. The time you invest in choosing this jewellery as a gift is itself a message of prioritizing them. Your care and concern for them and their well-being are translated from boundless feelings to something tangible, trying to encompass the essence of that boundless care and love! 


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