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We know how overwhelming weddings can become! From deciding on a menu to the guest list and brainstorming perfect photo angles, it can become intensely taxing. That’s why we want you to know that you can depend on us for anything, ranging from getting the right information on trendy bridal jewellery collections to following timely groom trends! At Liali, we believe that our customers should get the best, especially our brides!

And grooms, don’t worry, we have got you covered as well. After following the trends of bridal jewellery and weddings for the past few years, we have curated this guide for you to ease your journey of wedding jewellery shopping. All you need to do is stick to the plan which you make using our guide.

1.  Dresses over accessories!

We observed all the celebrity brides, be it Priyanka Chopra Jonas or Meghan Markle, all of their bridal jewellery complimenting their bridal dresses. If you are having a mix of traditional and modern wedding events on your D-Day, then dressing according to the occasion also means getting more than one set of bridal jewellery! The simplest move that you can make here is to get your dresses before your accessories. This will help you to decide the heaviness of the work that you are looking for on your jewellery set. Your main aim should be to strike a balance between all that you are wearing. This means a balance should be maintained between your bridal jewellery and your wedding dress. This is a unisex rule! Whether you are the bride or the groom, you both have to strike this balance between what you are going to wear, both clothes and accessories! See this as an effort similar to striking balance in each other's life and complimenting each other’s qualities and flaws alike! This rule has a simple guideline - heavily worked outfits need simple and elegant jewellery, and subtle designer dresses would fit perfectly with regal and bulky jewellery!

2. Mix trends with tradition

No matter what trends you are following, remember that there is always a perfect piece in traditional jewellery designs that would make your bridal jewellery set perfect more than ever! For this, you just need to keep on the traditional jewellery designs as much as you do on looking up for the latest trends. Here, your family heirloom jewellery can also play a significant role. The best is most usually at home. In case your traditional heirlooms don’t seem that supportive, you can bring in a piece of his heirloom jewellery and incorporate the same in the bridal jewellery of your desire at Liali Jewellery.

Moreover, the blend of trend and tradition is a timeless one. So, if you plan to buy a Kundan necklace or a Rani Haar, remember that these bridal jewellery designs always stay in style. Our research reveals that 2022-23 wedding trends would be about exploring more with colours. This means that it is time for our brides to expand their colour palettes from the usual pastels, white and red to go all out with the colours of their choice! And for an Indian bride, the sky's the limit when it comes to experimenting with colours! Owing to the rich South Asian culture, weddings on this side of the globe have always been colourful. All you need is to be brave enough to try your choices and explore your options.

3. Bridal/Groom’s jewellery is not simply jewellery!

When it comes to buying bridal or groom’s jewellery, never mistake them for mere accessories. Especially bridal jewellery, is one of the strongest investments that has been culturally made for women and their families. The same stands for the groom’s jewellery, it’s not just for the wedding day, it is beyond and for a lifetime. This brand-new wedding jewellery, that both of you plan to purchase, would go on and stand as family heirlooms for the coming generations. Hence, it becomes important to get the best quality of jewellery so that they last the longest and shine as brightly as they are shining on your wedding day. Bridal jewellery with greater resale value always stands the potential to be great backup reservoirs if a financial crisis were to hit you or your coming generations. Wedding jewellery is just like wine! The older they get, the more value is added to preserving the precious and traditional design and spirit. Also, always appreciated by those with a taste for perfection. So when you go shopping for bridal or groom’s jewellery, remember the investment side as well!


4. Consciousness at all times.

While assembling your perfect jewellery set for your wedding day, be mindful of a few things. The venue of the wedding, especially if you are planning for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Wouldn’t it be perfect to take your wedding vows and the 7 rounds around the sacred fire, by the ocean side? Or even in a garden blooming with flowers as you are blooming with love?! Such are the parts of a wedding that makes it the perfect one!

But where you need to be mindful is by being considerate about how these locations could affect your bridal jewellery. Jewellery like gold and silver on prolonged exposure to the Sun tend to lose their lustre. Moreover, tiny dust particles can also get into the intricate designs of your perfect jewellery. Silver is not usually used in bridal jewellery, but gold is a staple in most traditional bridal jewellery sets.

So, you need to be mindful of your exposure to the sunlight you are giving yourself. This can be simply avoided by adding large umbrellas to the wedding decor, which would prevent direct sunlight from falling onto your serene bridal jewellery! And this way you won’t have to compromise on your wedding location and aesthetics of the perfect spot! As far as the dust particles go, it is only a matter of one maintenance session with your favourite jewellers to get them cleaned and shiny as new every once in a while!

We hope our tips and tricks help you put together your perfect bridal jewellery set and more! Any queries or stories to share, reach out to us on Instagram!

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