Once you have the courage to get engaged and start a new chapter of your life as a couple, it can be a tedious task to put your finger on just one ring! Especially, when available choices range from gold and platinum rings in varieties in cuts and designs. Selecting the perfect engagement ring becomes even more difficult when you want something unique. If you are wondering why so? The reason is simple - diamond engagement rings were traditionally used in conventional cuts like the round or princess/square cuts. And when you and your partner want to go out of the convention in engagement ring choices, a distinct adventure awaits you!

At Liali, we believe in easing this journey for you! Buckle in and get ready to explore Five rare diamond cuts and ring shapes that will make your engagement ring entirely unique!


1. Diamond Eternity Ring - As the saying goes around, “pairs are made in heaven”, so their bond lasts for an eternity! Which choice could better seal the old saying than the one in a modern symbol of the eternity ring? A diamond eternity ring is embedded carefully to fit in multiple evenly spaced and placed diamonds of your choice spanning the entire circumference of your engagement ring band. They are available as gold and platinum engagement rings. Our experts suggest choosing platinum ring bands for durability reasons. After all, you would want to wear this ring for a long time!












2. Oval Diamond Rings - Round-cut diamonds might be too conventional. If your wish is for a subtle segue from the convention, then Oval-cut is the jewellery renovation you should seek for your engagement ring’s diamond! Oval is an expert suggestion for long fingers, as the long stone would complement the beauty within the length of your finger! Oval-cut diamonds make elegant solitaires. At the same time, they fit very well into a three-stones engagement ring. It is a unique property of oval and round-cut diamonds, but the oval shape again suits your wish to have a unique and modern diamond cut.

3. Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings - Pear-cut diamonds are not cut as deep as a round or a princess-cut diamond, so the weight of the diamond gives your engagement ring a splendid look! Pear-shaped diamonds are also known to make beautiful pendants. During your engagement period, you can get pieces of jewellery that would sync with your engagement ring by having pear-shaped diamonds embedded. Why not flaunt some jewels during one of the happiest moments of your life?!

4. Heart-Shaped Diamond Rings - The heart is an eternal symbol of love! So it would be no less than a perfect choice to show your partner your love for her when you buy a heart-shaped diamond ring. Heart-shaped diamonds are royal and only sit well as solitaires and don’t gel well with side stones! They make a perfect fit if you wish to purpose your beloved on Valentine’s Day.

5. Marquise Diamond Rings - It’s a brilliant diamond cut giving the diamond a boat-like shape. It’s a close resemblance to a pear-shaped diamond ring but has spikes on both ends. Marquise diamonds sit very well in a three-stone diamond ring. And a combination of pear-shaped diamonds on either side of a marquise diamond would soften the ring’s appearance by giving it the appeal of a floral pattern!

While making a unique engagement ring, we cannot leave behind the engagement band on which your precious diamond would sit. Customising the hold which secures the diamond is a creative way to make your engagement ring one-of-a-kind. Though when you customise the diamond’s hold, ensure to consider the security of its design. Moreover, if you plan to wear your engagement ring alongside your wedding ring while selecting the latter, be mindful of the unique design of the former.


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