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From classic shapes to creative twists, our impeccably crafted
collection of earrings invites you to make your own rules.
Explore stud earrings, hoops and more.

Diamond Earrings – Sparkle a little brighter

Diamond earrings are a must-have ornament in every jewellery box. Explore our glistening diamond earring collection from diamond studs, hoops to neck kissing chandeliers to add a spark to your every guise.

‘Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed’. – Jennifer Lopez.

Earrings are an essential piece of jewellery that attracts attention to your eyes and adds volume to your face. When adorning diamond earrings that are perfect for your face, you can accentuate your appearance and demand attention. Liali offers you a wide assortment of diamond earrings that you can sport every day to extravagant diamond earrings worthy of the red carpet. Explore our diamond earrings from our Red-Carpet Collection to be a showstopper in any room you enter.

Pair our bespoke diamond earrings with matching diamond pendants and diamond bracelets to complete your look.

Endless Styles - Our collections of diamond earrings are boundless, here are a few options when choosing earrings to suit your style.

Studs: Chic minimalistic earrings that dazzle the ears in a sparklingly embrace. At Liali you can find many diamond stud earring designs and patterns to suit your everyday needs. Explore our unique collection of Sakura stud earrings and Solitaire stud earrings that are crafted to perfection.

Hoops: Hoops are timeless diamond earrings that can be worn with any attire. Beautiful and simple, hoop diamond earrings are casual and chic options that add to your style. At Liali you can explore a plethora of designs and patterns to ensure you find the diamond earring that suits your taste.

Drop Earrings: Drop earrings suspend lightly from the ear lobe dangling with movement. Our collection of drop diamond earrings dazzle like stars to brighten your day and beautify your smile. Explore our Nouf collection and Red-Carpet Collection for intricately crafted drop earrings adorned with precious and semi-precious stones or be blown away by our Polki diamond earring collection for a look fit for royalty.

Crafted to Perfection

At Liali you are spoilt with choices when choosing diamond earrings for every occasion that are intricately crafted by ethically sourced and natural diamonds. We guarantee the quality and credibility of your purchase by using only international certified diamonds.

Earrings accentuate one’s appearance when selected based on the shape of their face and personality. You can try our collection of bespoke diamond earrings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Bahrain, and Oman stores or shop online for an unmatched experience.

Indulge in our vast collection of alluring diamond earrings that are timeless and exquisite to brighten your every day.


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  1. -25%
    Stylish Cascades: Diamond Hanging Earrings
    was AED32,000.00 Special Price AED24,000.00
  2. -28%
    Timeless Grace: Diamond Hanging Earrings
    was AED212,000.00 Special Price AED153,000.00
  3. -27%
    Chic and Swinging: Diamond Hanging Earrings
    was AED18,500.00 Special Price AED13,500.00
  4. -27%
    Glamorous Drops: Ruby & Diamond Hanging Earrings
    was AED52,000.00 Special Price AED38,000.00
  5. -47%
    Stylish Cascades: Ruby & Diamond Hanging Earrings
    was AED38,000.00 Special Price AED20,000.00
  6. -49%
    Glamorous Drops: Smoky Quartz Diamond Earrings
    was AED15,650.00 Special Price AED8,000.00
  7. -45%
    Twilight Treasures: Ruby & Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings
    was AED22,800.00 Special Price AED12,500.00
  8. -48%
    Rosy Radiance: Ruby & Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings
    was AED23,900.00 Special Price AED12,500.00
  9. -48%
    Sapphire Skyfall: Diamond Blue Earrings
    was AED59,900.00 Special Price AED31,000.00
  10. -49%
    Sapphire Shimmer Red Carpet Diamond Earrings
    was AED46,900.00 Special Price AED24,000.00
  11. -48%
    Blue Brilliance: Sapphire Diamond Drop Earrings
    was AED50,200.00 Special Price AED26,000.00
  12. -23%
    Diamond Dazzle: Statement Red Carpet Earrings
    was AED30,000.00 Special Price AED23,000.00
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