Liali’s Exquisite Jewels Dazzle BurJuman’s Runway

Liali’s Exquisite Jewels Dazzle BurJuman’s Runway

Posted by Sonia 26/10/2015 0 Comment(s)

LIALI, one of the premier jewellery designers in Dubai , wooed shoppers at BurJuman’s winter fashion event Emerge last weekend. The live high energy fashion show featured talented dancers wearing exceptional 18K gold jewellery from Italian designers – Gabriella Rigamonti, Fratelli Bovo, and fine diamond jewellery from LIALI’s Red Carpet Collection.

The professionally choreographed show, had the models display lavish handcrafted gold necklaces, glittering earrings and bold bracelets crafted in 18K gold, adorned with beautiful enamel lilac roses, fluttering butterflies and rose gold baubles. While stunning diamonds and emeralds studded in white gold shone brightly amidst the foot tapping song and dance routine.

The show exhibited the superior quality of each diamond and gemstone, as well as innovative designs which make every LIALI jewel a truly precious work of art.

The fashion event was a wonderful opportunity for the LIALI team to get together with fashionistas and jewellery lovers celebrating the latest jewellery trends and to showcase splendid collections that suit every occasion, designed for every budget.

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