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9 to 5 are hours when a lot happens in your and your loved one’s professional lives. Gifts that add some shine and sparkles for these important hours are for sure a great idea! In fact, 9 to 5 jewellery gifts need special care and attention while being selected for purchase. Such care is required because you or your loved ones might wear them frequently, if not regularly. So, you have to be considerate of the wear and tear of the piece of jewellery that you purchase. This also makes it significant to invest in the right metal and the right gemstone while selecting your 9 to 5 jewellery gift. Moreover, it's a piece of jewellery that one would wear to their space of work, so it is mandatory to have a subtle effect. It can’t be something too loud, yet it should be bold. A tricky choice to make, isn’t it? Well, you don’t need to worry about that part. Like always, we have covered you even for this jewellery gift selection process. Follow our tips step by step, and before you know it, you will be on the other side holding the 9 to 5 jewellery gift of your choice!

1. Keep it simple but bold:

Simplicity is a key feature and a necessity when it comes to 9 to 5 jewellery gifts. Simplicity in jewellery allows them to blend with any and every outfit you wear. So while gifting a piece of jewellery that your dear one can wear to work, it becomes a mandatory need for the jewellery to be simple. Boldness at the same time is a virtue that every 9 to 5 jewellery gift should encompass. After all, your loved one will make some tough decisions at work, they need all the boldness in the universe to make those choices and decisions! A perfect sample of this combination of boldness and simplicity would be the Simple Rose Gold Bangle from the Liali 9 to 5 jewellery gift collection! Rose shade in gold gives a touch of boldness which becomes an add-on to the simple design of the bangle.

2. Lesser the merrier:

When it comes to 9 to 5 Jewellery, one can’t layer a lot of them as it might seem too much for a workspace. Layering jewellery on top when they match would be perfect for parties but not for work. When at work your loved one deserves to be on spot with her jewellery game, just as she is going to be in her work. This matters the most especially if it's a day at work with an important client closing meeting or presentation. On days that are important at work, she needs to have the necessary bling in quantity but in quality. Gifting an elegant 9 to 5 necklace for your dear one’s promotion would be a perfect move that fits this tip!


3. For those who still want to layer:

We just told you how layering could seem inappropriate for the workspace. But if your loved one is one of those style enthusiasts who love taking risks, we’ll help you to select the perfect gift for them in a smarter way! Layering in 9 to 5 is not impossible, it’s just riskier to pull off layers of jewellery in a workspace set-up. While selecting 9 to 5 gifts for your dear one in a layered style, select a piece of jewellery that have layers on that necklace or pendant but towards the hook, they merge into a single chain. Such hybrid jewellery in 9 to 5 sections are lifesavers for those who want to pull off a layer style at work. It creates a grand illusion of layers, all the while maintaining the simplicity of 9 to 5 classic jewellery!

4. Get all the shades that you need:

Gifting jewellery from the 9 to 5 collection needs special care and attention. This jewellery should blend in well with formal wear that your loved one would wear to their day job. To make this happen, you would need to consider all permutations and combinations of gemstones that would go into the making of your dear one’s 9 to 5 accessory kit. The gemstones can be as subtle as pearls. Pearls also stand as a symbol of purity and nurture, lacing your dear one's accessorising with a sense of pure intentions and a nurtured journey in their career trajectory and workspace. The gemstones can be as absolute as rubies. Rubies stand as a signature gemstone for boldness and a sense of firmness. This would embody your intentions for your dear one to encompass confidence on important days. Such days could be filled with important meetings, or new beginnings where they are venturing out and making new and bold decisions for themselves!

5. Hit the right metal:

The metal of the 9 to 5 jewellery that you pick, should be durable. We emphasise this tip because your loved one will be wearing them regularly, if not daily! To endure the wear and tear caused by regular or daily usage, gold or platinum should be your go-to choice in the 9 to 5 jewellery selection. Both gold and platinum are promises of longevity. Gold has an advantage over platinum when it comes to availability in fancy shades. Gold 9 to 5 jewellery come in three shades - yellow, white and rose! This availability in three different colours if combined with the different kinds of gemstones gives a limit as endless as the sky! Especially in design and style possibilities. This way, you would be able to gift your close one the best styles of 9 to 5 sets of jewellery to rock at work!

Purchasing any kind of jewellery might seem like a Herculean task, let alone 9 to 5 jewellery! But if done right, you will be able to make amazing choices for all your dear ones whom you want to gift something to flaunt in their workspace. We hope our tips will prove to be of significant help to you! There are just five of them, keep them at your fingertips!
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