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Break Old Jewellery make New

Offering the finest designs to our clients is one part of delivering 100% satisfaction, the other is the ability to create any piece that our clients can conceive.If this means custom making a specific design that you have seen in a magazine or film,then so be it, we go all nine yards to recreate the very piece that adorns your dream.

The starting place in the process-line is the drawing board. It’s the ideation-stage where a jewel is born. Often you have an idea in mind, or perhaps a design you saw someone at a party wear; this thought is communicated to the Liali Design Team, who is turn gives the idea vision - a visual manifestation.

This is then presented in the form of the first draft for approval. Perhaps some tweaking is required. After this, the final approved design goes for Sourcing. At this stage you may want to give us an old piece of jewellery, which can be re-used for the new piece in order to save cost. After assessing what we have, we do a breakdown of what is required.

If certain gems are needed, the finest are procured based on quality and budget specifications. Both parameters are equally important. We literally source the globe sometimes, to find the exact requirement however rare the gem may be.

The gems are now laid out in a special layout-box in the very design that they are ultimately going to be set; this is done to replicate the look-and-feel that we are trying to achieve for the end product. Once approved, the actual setting-process begins with the creation of the mount on wax. Plaster of Paris is next poured and the mount is inverted for soldering

The ‘mount’ is now ready for polishing, buffing, rhodium, shinning and finally the actual gem setting.

The stage is set on the lark stand, where the ‘mount’ is held firmly for the gems to be meticulously set. Each precious stone is strongly fitted with the delicate hands of the trained craftsman who has mastered the fine art of fitting and then gently cutting the prongs to perfection.

Finally you can see the idea come together in all its glory. But the process is not finished till the finesse is added with finishing touches like buffing, cleaning and final polishing.

This is the stage that the glittering masterpiece is all set for final estimation.

The expert Estimator gives the conclusive breakdown of the actual value in terms of gold and precious gems, post this - a certificate of the completed piece is prepared. Of course each individual large diamond comes with its own exclusive IGI (International Gemological Institute) Certification.

The highest certificate however is that of appreciation. There is no achievement higher than that for the team of master craftsman who harmoniously produce a symphony in gems … strung together like an orchestra.