Celebrate Spring with Real Floral Delights from LIALI

Celebrate Spring with Real Floral Delights from LIALI

Posted by Sonia 27/10/2015 0 Comment(s)

Ushering in blooming magnificence, LIALI, region’s leading name for fine designer diamond jewelry, unveils an ensemble of captivating floral inspired diamond jewelry to mark the spring season.

Intricate floral details that draw inspiration from the fresh blossoms of the spring, the collection boasts of statement-making rings crafted in gold and studded with beautifully cut and polished diamonds. A brilliant play of contrasts in white and rose gold juxtaposed together, bring to life a rather fashion-conscious design that is as unique as its inspiration. A highlight of the collection is a bouquet of floral patterns in rose gold and white gold finish with a stylized edge and beauty of dazzling black diamonds. Mesmerizing and oozing of elegance, this contemporary and iconic design has been designed to rise above fashion trends and carry on for posterity.

The entire collection prides itself with distinctive shimmer of white and black diamonds that perfectly complement the élan of modern designs. Cut with high-end standards, the fascinating floral collection captures sheer elegance and rises above for a distinct appeal. Every designer piece in the collection radiates warm glow akin to that of a fresh bloom in

spring. A reflection of serenity and femininity, the exclusive floral collection by LIALI is now on display at all showrooms in the region.