Garnet: January’s Calming Birthstone

Garnet: January’s Calming Birthstone

Posted by Sonia 26/10/2015 1 Comment(s)

The January birthstone, Garnet also known as the stone of happiness, has long been considered a symbol of faith, love, and friendship and is the perfect gift for a loved one. The gemstone’s close resemblance to pomegranate seeds has given it its name Garnet, which is derived from the word granatum, meaning seed, and is in fact a group of minerals that come in a

rainbow of colours. However the most popular colour is the deep red of the Bohemian Garnet. Other varieties include the vibrant green Russian Demantoid & African Tsavorite, orange, brown Spessartite and Hessonite from Namibia & Sri Lanka and the subtle pink & purple Rhododendron.

Various Hues of Garnet

The history of Garnets in jewellery can be traced back to ancient Roman and Egyptian civilizations where the rings were used for ceremonial and decorative purposes by the ruling elite. Ancient African tribal elders, Aztecs, Mayans considered them sacred. According to folklore Garnets light up the night and protect their owners from nightmares and since have been used as talisman by travelers to protect against accidents.

Czech Garnets close resemblance to pomegranate seeds has given it its name

Garnets have also been attributed many healing properties and are believed to regulate the heart & blood flow and aid in curing depression. Astrologically, Garnets keep you grounded and strong.

Garnet aids in regulating heart & blood flow

Garnets are naturally lustrous and glassy in finish and are a popular choice of gemstone in jewellery. The versatility of the gem makes it easy to fashion into a wide range of shapes and styles and is used in classical vintage designs as well as highly individual and contemporary pieces.

With the exception of rare types, Garnet is a very affordable gemstone and an incredibly hard stone making it the ideal choice for everyday wear.

Garnet is a beautiful gem symbolizing different things to different people which makes it the perfect gifting option whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.