The Majestic Charm of Diamonds

The Majestic Charm of Diamonds

Posted by Sonia 25/10/2015 0 Comment(s)

Decades have passed, eras have changed, trends have been revolutionized, but the significance of the majestic charm of diamonds has never disappeared from the hearts of jewellery lovers. Whether to express eternal love or to simply give it as a gift, diamond jewellery has always fascinated the hearts of people with its alluring look.

Varieties of diamonds have overshadowed all the other gemstones available in the market. You can choose from many shapes and cuts diamonds, which include princess cut, round brilliant, marquise, to trillion, pear, heart, cushion, asscher, emerald and more. Some of the most expensive diamonds, which have been created in these designs so far include, ‘The De Beers Centenary Diamond’, ‘The Hope Diamond’, ‘The Heart of Eternity’ and more.

When you plan to gift a stunning diamond jewellery to your dear one, make sure to consider the four C’s while evaluating its worth.

Diamonds can bring all that you ever wished in your relationship!