Perfect 100-Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond Comes To Dubai

Perfect 100-Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond Comes To Dubai

Posted by Sonia 17/02/2015 0 Comment(s)

A beautiful and rare 100 carat Emerald-cut diamond will be the star of Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewel Sale on  April 21st. The diamond estimated between $19 and $25 million is just one of six diamonds over 100 carats and comparable quality to be ever sold at an auction.

This beauty is the largest perfect Emerald-cut diamond, possibly the most desirable cut, to be sold at an auction and could be considered a piece of art due to its mastery of the cut and the entire geometry. The fact that the rare stone, created from a 200 carat rough diamond, is the very definition of perfection with a whiter than white color, minus any internal imperfections and nearly as transparent as icy water (in technical jargon it’s a Type IIa D color) makes it’s a truly unique object of natural beauty!

Sotheby’s will show the diamond in Dubai, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, and Doha  before it returns for a New York exhibition opening April 17.

Picture Credit: Sotheby’s