Experience the Rare Charm of Bahraini Pearls

Experience the Rare Charm of Bahraini Pearls

Posted by Sonia 27/01/2015 0 Comment(s)

The enthralling opulence of pearls has always attracted both kings and queens around the world, captivating the Queen of Sheba, Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great, all of whom are said to have worn Bahraini pearls. The allure of the Bahraini pearls lie in their fabulous luster and their renowned superior quality which up until the 1930s was considered more precious than diamonds.


These delicate beauties are collected by ‘breath-hold’ divers who plunge into the sea to collect their priceless merchandise. No fancy gadgets or equipments are used by the divers, who wear weights on one leg to help them drop to the seabed, used bone or tortoise-shell nose clips and leather finger guards to protect themselves from the coral.


However with the arrival of the cheaper cultured pearls, the Bahraini pearl industry has faced a decline. In an effort to preserve the ancient and precious heritage of deep sea pearl diving, cultured pearls are banned from the Bahraini market and only natural pearls are sold. All pearls are tested at the Gemstone & Pearl Testing Laboratory at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry before being sold or imported.


The exquisite luster of the Bahraini pearls is a result of the combination of the Bahraini sea’s freshwater springs and its warm and highly saline waters that give the island kingdom its name – Bahrain, which means “two seas” in Arabic. The concoction of this rare alchemy creates these tiny, not much larger than a grain of sugar, pearls which are considered amongst the best and rarest pearls in the world. The timeless appeal of these pristine high quality natural pearls also lies in their irregular shapes and unique luster, and is best offset to a flattering effect against yellow gold settings.


Liali showcases the oriental beauty and charm of Bahrain’s rare natural pearls with an exclusive collection of 21 karat yellow gold necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings accenting these delicate pearls. The enthralling collection features exotic floral and paisley motifs as well as interesting cut-out designs. Unlike the usual pearl jewellery settings, Liali’s Bahraini pearl jewellery involves intricate work with painstaking eye for detail as these pearls are much smaller in size compared to freshwater or cultured pearls. Several of them are strung together like beads, on their yellow gold settings to present an unusual ‘embroidered’ effect that is eye-catching, making it a must-have range of utterly feminine jewels that are perfect for both day time and evening allure.