Solitaire Diamonds: Their meaning and significance!

Solitaire Diamonds: Their meaning and significance!

Posted by Sonia 28/10/2014 0 Comment(s)

Known for their simple yet visually-appealing style, solitaire diamonds are very popular amongst affluent and privileged classes. Solitaire rings or necklaces have only one diamond. However, some solitaires may have side stones. Solitaire diamonds not just look classic and elegant but are also a symbol of love and romance.

Solitaire diamonds are available in different shapes and designs. These include round, pear, emerald, marquise and oval. Each of these shapes has a special significance. Keeping in mind your personal tastes, you can easily choose the right solitaire jewelry. The below infographics has been designed to provide more information on solitaire diamonds and help you make the right choice.

The Info-graphic titled “Woo Her with a Solitaire Diamond” has been created with the big idea of explaining the customers, the significance of a Solitaire Diamond and tips to check the authenticity the same. Furthermore, the Info-graphic presents some interesting statistics about the Overall Diamond Market.

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