The Pearl Love Story

The Pearl Love Story

Posted by Sonia 25/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Bahraini Pearl,

Coco Chanel said “Pearls are always appropriate.” And rightly so! They’re timeless, classic, elegant and yet incredibly stylish and fashionable. Pearls are no longer just what your grandmother would wear. With a variety of hues, shapes and sizes; pearls have taken up a contemporary avatar making a unique and edgy statement while still being classy and subdued.


Pearls have an organic origin unlike other gemstones and are created when a very small particle of sand enters the shell of certain species of oysters and clams. The irritant forces the mollusk to coat the foreign body with layers of shell material resulting in the creation of a pearl. This is a natural process that happens on its own in nature and hence the pearls that are formed as a result are termed as natural. The pearls from these mollusks – whether they inhabit sea or fresh waters, are very rare and expensive.


The word “cultured” is often misunderstood by many when it comes to pearls. The process of pearl formation is still by the mollusk in exactly the same way. It’s only that the irritant did not force itself into the mollusk on its own. Many pearls today are cultured in oyster farms that sustain a thriving pearl industry.


Pearls are placed among the most highly valued of gemstones because of their beautiful luster and the fact that no two pearls are ever the same, making them as unique as the wearer. It can take anywhere from a few months to years for the pearl to form depending on their size.


South Sea pearls cultured in the northern waters of Australia, Philippines and Indonesia are among the largest and the most highly valued pearls ranging in colours from white and silvery blue to pale gold and soft yellow. While Akoya pearls named after Japan’s Akoya oysters are considered classic among cultured pearls with an abundance of luster and ranging in colour from pinkish white to creamy shades and silvery blue. Tahitian pearls typically come from the lagoons of the South Pacific and are popular for the variety of colours they come in, from silver and green to dark charcoal.

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