Work-Chic Styling Tips

Work-Chic Styling Tips

Posted by Sonia 04/09/2018 0 Comment(s)


Looking for styling tips For work-wear jewellery, that’s highly affordable? Don't worry, it’s not as intimidating as it seems!


Often times, most of us are afraid to incorporate jewellery in our everyday looks especially if the pieces you’ve got are a bit flashy. Also, buying real jewellery can be a daunting task — perhaps both for your pocket and for your sartorial knowledge. So we’ve listed down some styling tips for your work-wear jewellery and some pieces that you should consider getting because they are highly affordable!



Minimal accessorizing can mean wearing more than one piece

Just balance it out. Pick one statement piece and another that's a bit more delicate (stud earrings).


Experiment with different types of rings.

Diversify your ring collection by experimenting with bands and stone settings. Thin bands look minimal and delicate alone and are easier to stack. Thick bands, on the other hand, are no-brainer pieces that can quickly make a statement.



Jewellery can be worn with casual outfits.

In fact, you can use them to spruce up your denim. But don't limit yourself to wearing one metal at a time, diversify your style further by mixing metals to elevate your edgy look.


Don't be afraid to invest in eccentric jewellery as an accent piece to your outfit.

Take these necklaces as examples! The design of a pendant can take your entire outfit from simple to #girlboss level!