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Diwali is not only a festival of lights, but also a festival of celebrating the bondings of love! These bonds include those of friends and family. And a perfect way to celebrate this Diwali festive season is by gifting them all a piece of jewellery and making new memories over them! Selecting perfect jewellery gifts can be daunting, and we are here to ease the process for you with our Diwali gifting guide!

1. Gold always works!

Regardless of the gender and age of your loved one, gold jewellery remains a classic in the list of jewellery gifts. The wide variety of designs that exist in gold is an add-on for you when it comes to selecting multiple pieces of jewellery for all your loved ones! From pendants to bracelets and earrings to necklaces, the variety in jewellery pieces and the diversity within them when it comes to designs are unbeatable. Gold lasts! Gifting gold is also a symbol of wishing for your bond with your loved one to last for a lifetime. Moreover, its longevity allows your loved one to pass the jewellery as a family heirloom when the time comes for their younger and loved ones. If you are purchasing jewellery gifts for Diwali on a budget, then gold brings in a range ofpocket-friendly options for you to explore and still be able to express the love you hold in your heart for your dear ones.

2. Diyas sparkle and so do diamonds!

Shine bright like a diamond, they say! Gift your dear ones diamond jewellery and make them feel and shine inside out. The variety of diamond jewellery makes them stellar and stand apart from other kinds of jewellery artefacts. When it comes to diamonds, it holds the spirit of Diwali and love. Just like Diwali is about lights and illuminating our lives with progress and divinity, diamonds also have a flash of brilliance in their sparkle. And owning them is definitely proof of our prosperity and progress. So go out and pick the most brilliant diamond for your loved one this Diwali!

If you are gifting diamond jewellery to a younger person in your family who loves statement and style jewellery more than conventional and classic ones, then you definitely check out the yellow and brown colour diamond jewellery Chic Champagne hues of brown and yellow diamonds are in trend and this Diwali you will add love to their style statement when they flaunt it at the festive night!

3. Keep it simple but full of meaning!

While buying jewellery gifts, for sure you might be drawn to extravagant jewellery designs and pieces. Only if you are sure that your loved one craves them, then buy such a brilliance of extravaganza. Else, it’s smart to stick to simple jewellery choices, especially if your loved one prefers simplicity and elegance. As you keep the design simple, make sure to make it meaningful, and you can do that by having heart-shaped motifs. The best way to customise simply designed jewellery is by engraving messages of love or the name of your dear one on the piece of jewellery. It can be a gold pendant or a tennis bracelet, with an engraved message like “our bond is forever” or “love you for eternity” that would make a difference. Another pro to gifting simple jewellery is that it can be worn by your loved one on a daily basis. This is because its simplicity gives it a subtle nature. It also lets the gifted jewellery blend with whatever outfit or accompanying jewellery that your dear one chooses to style themselves with. So, by keeping it simple and meaningful, you make your dearest ones feel special and give them a sense of being there with them all the while when they wear it.

4. Gifts from far away!

This Diwali if you are far away from home because you are working hard for your family in a different city, then buy your jewellery gifts online! Distance shouldn’t be a reason that your family and friends don’t get to feel how important they are to you. Make your gift selections online and surprise your dearest ones with an unannounced jewellery gift arriving at their doorstep on the festive day of Diwali. Such a gesture of love would be sweeter than all the sweets they could get this Diwali. Thanks to online jewellery stores, this is not only a possibility, but a budget-friendly one! Not only budget-friendly, but also filled with a wide variety of design and style options and no hurdle of visiting a store and spending time. All it could probably take is a coffee break to select the gifts that you want for the best price options available and send them to the address of your loved ones! Moreover, if bought from a trusted online store like Liali, you don’t have to worry about quality certifications of the metal and the stones in your chosen jewellery gift! We take care of all of it. All you have to do is select, buy and send them to your loved ones!

Diwali is a once-in-a-year opportunity, and a meaningful one. Just like the festival of lights meaning an invitation of propensity and love into our homes, memories are also a necessity to make this festive season complete! Just like the joy and celebration that existed in ancient India when Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman returned to their kingdom, with a friend and soulmate Hanuman, all having a special bond of love and kinship with one another. You get to make your own homecoming and rejoice in love this festive season. An auspicious tip for you that we have is that it is considered best to buy jewellery gifts on the day of Dhanteras. This would just add a holy and auspicious sense of protection to your bonds with your loved ones.

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