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Asking for the hand of your beloved for a lifetime could make you feel nervous and intimidated, and all for the right reasons! When? Where? How? Which engagement ring? There must be so many questions on your mind, and it’s wise to do your research. But while doing your research to make your perfect proposal happen, it is necessary to be mindful that it covers the place, timing, and ring you choose.

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Since we know how much she means to you, we bring you some helpful tips to ease your way through the three choices in your proposal planning:

1. Place

The first place that comes to your mind might be a fancy restaurant or somewhere that you think would make her feel more special than she already is! But we suggest you pause and think for a while about the places where you have had special moments up until today! It could be the place where you both confessed your love for each other, or where you met her for the first time! It could also be as simple as your festively decorated living room on New Year’s Eve when you are among friends and family!


2. Time

When you propose is just as important as how you do it! It should not be a time of the day when she is occupied with work meetings or any other commitments. She would definitely want to call her loved ones and her besties to share the good news once it happens! Keep your proposal short and sweet, so that she is taken by surprise and you should do it when she least expects it. Trust us on this one! She will be flaunting this story along with her engagement ring at the parties to come!

3. Ring

Put the best ring on it! The centre of all attention (after her, of course!) will be the engagement ring you put on her finger. The engagement ring will be the symbol of your love for her, so a good deal of time and research should go into finding the perfect ring! This means you have to find her ring size and choose the diamond and the design of the ring! Selecting the ring can be a confusing task in itself, considering the variety and range of available engagement rings! If you find the task of finding the perfect ring to be intimidating, remember we are here at Liali. All you need to do is reach out to us! We will ease out the complications to help you find the perfect engagement ring for your to-be fiancé.

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Once you have decided upon the best place, apt timing, and your precious engagement ring for your proposal, you are good to go. Remember to not hesitate to ask for help whenever and wherever needed! Be it from her friends, family, or Liali, all of us want to give you the best support for making this proposal a grand and memorable one!

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