Weddings and Dubai are like a match made in heaven, rightfully so! Have you wondered why
Dubai is one of the most preferred destinations in the world? We’ll tell you why, read ahead to
know more about the perfect blend of shopping, wedding and offers only found in Dubai. From
Gold to Diamonds, if you are in Dubai you are bound to find offers and discounts like nowhere
else in the world. Dubai is one of the most aspired wedding destinations and one of the top 3
destinations for shopping for jewellery worldwide. The other two destinations are Belgium and
India. But being both a sort-after wedding destination and an international jewellery hub is a
crown that Dubai flaunts with pride. Keeping your wedding needs and dreams in mind, we bring
to you all that you need to know!

Why is Dubai the perfect wedding Destination?

Weather in Dubai remains warm all around the year, and the benefits this one factor brings are
many. First and foremost, you can plan your wedding any time of the year! Whenever you want,
need or can. With the current generation’s lifestyle and career plans, it can be a major challenge
to plan your wedding during a time of the year, when both your availability and comfortable
weather come together. Unless you love a snowy winter wedding for yourself. With Dubai that
problem is thrown right out of the window, you plan your wedding at your convenience a
suitable wedding venue always awaits you in its picturesque prime. Another perfection when it
comes to Dubai and weddings is its global connectivity. With the Dubai International Airport and
the Dubai World Central as its two pillars, Dubai's connected to about 1/3rd of the world's
population under a 4-hour travel duration. This promises a wide range of cultural diversity, hence
making it possible to import anything you need for your wedding from the culture of your choice
and belonging. For similar reasons, Dubai has provisions to get you the wedding planner of your
choice and culture, a key requirement for any wedding. Along with these factors, the icing on the
cake is the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). The 46-day-long shopping festival is a treat for all
your senses from food to entertainment, garments to make up and above all a regal exhibition of
jewellery! There is nothing you can name that you won’t find at this shopping festival. Making it
all the more important to make a visit regardless of when you plan your wedding! At Liali, we
always believe in planning ahead and shopping ahead, to get the best for your D-Day!

Where to get your bridal jewellery from - online/offline?

If you are someone who is looking to buy your wedding jewellery online, then you are absolutely
smart for choosing Liali Jewellery. At Liali, you find not only a significant variety of ideal bridal
jewellery but also the best offers on them. Prices on bridal jewellery become more
pocket-friendly when you purchase them online. This is made possible as a lot of middle costs
are cut, especially the costs related to storage. And when it comes to the quality of gemstones
and the metals used, Liali is quite the promise you need with their standard quality checks and
measures. If you prefer buying your bridal jewellery offline then you are welcome to visit the
nearest Liali store, or if you are visiting Dubai you can also find us at the DSF! Keep a tab on our
Instagram to know more about our DSF offers. You can also subscribe to our newsletters to
know all about our bridal jewellery and related offers. Online or offline, we have got you and
your wedding needs, both covered. Our quality of service is a commitment of ours to you, and at
Liali, we believe in delivering our best always!

How to make the most out of DSF for your wedding?

DSF is a sure shot stop if you are planning to source your bridal jewellery from Dubai. During its
46 days of the festival, DSF brings the best around the globe and Dubai to your palm’s reach.
This year's DSF slot is from 15th December 2022 to 29th January 2023. If a winter wedding is
on your mind, then you can stand the chance to enjoy the privilege of having access to the best
bridal jewellery deals instantly for your winter wedding. If you are a spring or summer bride,
then DSF is the perfect part of your plan where you get to sort your bridal jewellery set much
before your wedding day. We suggest you take this way out from last-moment bridal jewellery
hunting anxiety. Besides, you won’t find as great deals on prices and designs of your choice
during spring and summer wedding seasons, because DSF is only a winter festival. Regardless of
the season of your wedding, DSF is your best shot to bag the bridal jewellery of your dreams
from Dubai. Planning your wedding around DSF gives your guests an opportunity to explore
Dubai at its festive and tourist peak time. Enriching their experience both in Dubai and at your

The promises you can hope for when you plan your wedding and jewellery shopping in Dubai
are limitless. Alongside the Dubai Shopping Festival and a brilliant bridal jewellery experience,
you get to experience Dubai in ways that you can’t during other times of the year. And with Liali
holding your hands in this experience, we promise you a great bridal jewellery assortment and
shopping experience.
For any kind of assistance in bridal jewellery shopping, reach out to us on Instagram. Let us
know your DSF shopping experience and more! Come stop by and check out the best offers,
both online and offline, we promise, we got you!