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Family bonds are made to stay forever, and heirlooms play a significant role in keeping them strong and enriched in love. There are two ways to partake in an heirloom tradition within your family. First is by passing on or by inheriting already existing heirlooms within the family. Second is by gifting the best quality jewellery that lasts and starts a traditional heirloom within your family. While starting an heirloom must sound like a brilliant idea, it is equally complicated. But we have tips that you just need to follow to start a new heirloom tradition within your family and maintain the existing ones.

By the definition of an heirloom, it means it is a personal heritage. It means the jewellery piece that is passed on from one generation to another and the entailed history. But at the same time, it also brings in the possibility of wear and tear. This makes it necessary to be maintained and repaired at least a couple of times or more within one generational exchange, depending on the age of the heirloom and its delicate nature. Sometimes an heirloom passed by the current generation is too delicate and becomes fragile due to generational wear and tear. In such cases, you can still keep the legacy within the heirloom alive by taking a viable part out of the heirloom jewellery and installing it in a brand new one. For example, if the centre stone in an heirloom is shining bright as the first day it was brought or just requires some polishing to be in its old glory, but the metal ring has worn off because of wear and tear. Then the centre stone can be extracted from the ring and installed either into a new metal ring frame or be made into a single stoned pendant before being passed on to the next generation. By using such innovative ways, you get to keep the legacy encompassed in an heirloom alive!

When it comes to creating a new heirloom within your family, that is starting an heirloom legacy from your generation, there are a couple of things to be kept in mind. These tips to be remembered change from one jewellery piece to another. We will be discussing mindfulness tips, considering four types of jewellery that are most commonly seen as heirlooms.

1. Engagement Rings:

Engagement rings are one of the most common heirlooms and pass on for generations within a family. What makes them perfect for being heirlooms is not only the stability of the jewellery piece but more because of the meaning it carries. Engagement rings, and so do wedding rings, carry the emotion of love and the promise of commitment within them. The emotional effect embodied in these elegant pieces of jewellery further compliment them to be worthy and highly valuable heirlooms to be passed down to the coming generations. It is a way to lead by example, of sailing through happiness and difficulties within one’s married life to grow together and to raise a family of their own. Engagement rings and wedding bands as heirlooms are evidence of the possibility of a lifetime commitment. This message of love, passion and responsibility is what engagement ring heirlooms stand for. So it becomes necessary to handle such heirlooms with care, giving them proper maintenance treatment. If you are purchasing a brand-new engagement ring for yourself, then it would be very considerate of you to buy an engagement ring that would last for more than your lifetime. So that it can be turned into an engagement heirloom for your grandson or great-grandson to use to convey his love and propose to his beloved. Make sure to purchase your engagement ring in platinum or gold and not in silver to add more longevity to it, and for the centre stone chose a\ brilliant diamond that would shine till eternity.

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2. Earrings:

Earrings in families are the best mother-to-daughter and grandmother-to-daughter passed-down heirlooms. Longevity like any other heirloom is a significant factor to be considered while purchasing earrings as gifts that would form heirlooms within the family. It is best to stick with simple designs and gemstone choices that would suit all skin tones and face types since you can’t predict the type of beauty your granddaughter or great-granddaughter would inherit. So, if you chose something that suits only your or your daughter's face and skin tone when passed down as an heirloom, it might not be the right fit for the generations to come. Keeping designs simple also promises longevity to the pair of earrings. The less complicated the design is, the less dust or impurities will get stuck in crevices over time, causing less damage by wear and tear.

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3. Bracelets/Bangles:

Bracelets and Bangles are common heirloom jewellery within families, often gifted from the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law. There is care that is passed down from a maternal figure who isn’t biologically related, hence establishing one’s chosen family. For such heirlooms, gold makes the perfect metal choice as not only longevity is promised but also there is a curtain variety in style and size. Bracelets make better heirlooms over bangles, as the latter doesn’t provide the luxury of adjusting wrist size. When passed down as an heirloom, bracelets promise the possibility of the ornament to fit a range of sizes of wrists. If it doesn’t fit, then the bracelet can also be extended by adding hooks of similar metal as the main bracelet.


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4. Pendants:

Pendants are promises of nurture, care and affection. This mother-to-daughter and grandmother-to-granddaughter heirloom are one of the simplest and yet most elegant choices of heirloom jewellery that exist. While purchasing a jewellery gift that is meant to be an heirloom in the time to come, make sure to buy one completely made in gold or platinum or one with a single stone embedded in it. Do not buy a pendant with multiple stones embedded, as it makes the possibility of losing its charm higher, even if one stone is lost from the setting.


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