How to paint the town Ruby this July

How to paint the town Ruby this July

Posted by Farook 17/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

The month of July honours the imperial Ruby gemstone. Commonly entitled the King of the gemstones, Rubies are the ideal companion to your outfit at high-profile events. 








Without stating the obvious, this would not be a ruby-inspired blog post of it weren’t initiated by a Royal mention! Here’s Kate Middleton’s classic set during an official visit to Poland in July 2017. The rubies here add a beautiful pop of colour to her all-white outfit, however, FUN FACT here is that the conscious choice to wear rubies and diamonds also represented the colours of the Polish flag in her ensemble.

As per usual, Penelope Cruz turns heads with these dazzling pair of earring that were in-fact one of her own designs from her collection of sustainably sourced, lab-grown gemstones. These dazzling statement ruby and diamond earrings framing her face are an excellent addition to her all-black lace gown.
















We are impressed and obsessed with how tastefully Gwyneth Paltrow carried out these grandeur ruby red, tear drop earrings to equipoise her pink gown and floral accent. As you can tell, this large, show-stopping, dangling number needed no other jewelry companion and offers a great deal of glam in-and-of itself!


















We are so pleased that Eva Longoria chose an up-do to flaunt her ruby and diamond cluster earrings and gave them the spotlight they deserved at the Golden Globes.















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