Pearls - Off the red carpet and to the streets!

Pearls - Off the red carpet and to the streets!

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Pearls - Off the red carpet and to the streets!


From the sophisticated charm of Michelle Obama and effortless elegance of Kate Middleton to the bold flair of Gaga and wild-spirited Hadids, pearls have paved their way from the red carpet, to the streets and from High-tea parties to coffee shop patios. They are the holy grail to a woman’s jewellery box.


When I think back to my first ever set of pearls, it strikes vivid memories of when I was handed down a set from my mother’s jewellery collection. I’d wear it to parties and to play dress-up. But long gone are the days where we’d save our pearls to complement our Sunday best. With the Millennial world becoming a more relaxed environment, and pearls being worn in a more casual context, we ask ourselves, “How can I pair my pearls with my Lululemons?”, and trust me, we absolutely can! They are that accommodating!


Here’s why you need a set of pearls in your life ASAP


First off - They are easy to style, it’s a no-brainer. If Gigi Hadid can style it with a tie-dye t-shirt, so can I.




They offer the liberty to feel comfortable while still satisfying the semi-formal and formal dress code. They add such poise and charisma to even the simplest outfit.


This next one is more appealing to your wallet - They are economical and affordable in comparison to gemstones. We are the generation of the conscious consumer. ‘Where did it come from?’ ‘Why do we want it?’ ‘How will we use it?’ – these are the questions we ask  ourselves today.


Third one’s for the planet - They are environmentally sustainable, renewable and are the only gems that are organic and created by nature itself.


Lastly, they suite all types of skin tones, cultures, professions, etc. They are easily accessible and are not at all high maintenance. They’re like little spotlights on your face.


Ever found yourself in a situation where the dress code to an event you are invited to is completely ambiguous?


Relatable! I’ve discovered that having a string of pearls in my back pocket provide a happy medium and has saved me from appearing underdressed. Let’s be honest here. As millennials, we are notorious for our ‘try-not-to-look-like- you’re-trying-too-hard’ style. We strive for ‘effortless elegance’ and have mastered the art of being comfortable while serving up the ‘well put-together look’.


With office formals no longer being bound to crisp white shirts and pencil skirts, we have found a way to compliment a simple cashmere sweater and ankle length trousers with pearls to complete the look.


Here’s how I prefer to pair my pearls


In the Summertime, I keep it minimalistic. My dangling pearl earrings or pearl studs go with almost every clothing item in my closet. My favourite combination has got to be white pearls with blue denim - be it a denim over a white t-shirt or a button down shirt. This pairing offers an amazingly visual cooling sensation.



The cooler months are all about layering, and pearls are no exception. I offer myself the freedom to play around with layering pearls of different colours and sizes and pair them with something warm and high-neck, like a knit sweaters and leggings. I love how a dark coloured crew neck sweater can really lighten up the accessory.


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A fun and handy pearl piece to keep would also be a long beaded pearl chain. They are quite versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. Not only do they accommodate layering, but also allow for different ways that they can be worn - as a belt, or diagonally as a satchel, and hey, you could take two and create your own pearl version of a body chain.


Convenience and comfort while looking coordinated is the present state of mind for the fashion and jewellery industry. Pearls are the representation of the adaptable, independent and resilient millennial state of mind. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a string of pearls can be a partner for a lifetime.



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Ashishvangh Contractor is a millennial who was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After completing her undergraduate studies in Interdisciplinary Performing Arts at the University of British Columbia, she decided to stay in Vancouver, Canada and follow her passion for theatre and Improv comedy etc. She likes to write about travel, fashion and influence people through Instagram