A Millennial’s Guide to Gifting Gold

A Millennial’s Guide to Gifting Gold

Posted by Farook 24/08/2019 0 Comment(s)

This is the perfect time of year to start the brainstorming process (as well as budgeting) for gift ideas as we are embarking on a season of festivities from Eid, and Diwali, to Christmas, where gift giving is at the core of these celebrations.


Speaking for most of us Millennials, I believe we have well dawned upon the age bracket of our lives where we, and our loved ones are in the midst of milestones such as graduations, weddings, the arrival of a new-bor n, anniversaries, retirements, etc. More so, we are at the age where we can afford to spend some of our earnings on our loved ones, understanding the value of a useful, yet thoughtful gift that can be cherished for a lifetime.


When I think back to some of the gifts I have received from relatives and loved ones, little gold sentiments always come to mind - especially on auspicious occasions, festivals or major life milestones.



So, Why select a gift in gold? What makes gifting gold a thoughtful gesture?


The tradition of gifting gold has been in play since the spark of humanity. It is the gesture of bestowing family wealth to ensure that the heirloom is transcended through generations. Back when I was younger and received gold jewelry, I was fairly ignorant of the prospects and relevance of such a gift, needless to say, I’ve certainly grown to be a lot more appreciative of these sentiments. Not only does thought go into the purchase and design, you are purchasing an item one can appreciate the beauty of as well as the value of.


Money begs to be spent, but gold is an investment that allows to be saved”.


What are the different ways of gifting gold?


They can vary from bars, to coins and obviously, in the form of jewelry.

The most budget friendly and customizable is definitely jewelry. Jewelry holds more sentimental value. It can be displayed, worn and displayed on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase a statement set or a dainty little pendent, gifting gold always has great value and even greater appreciation.


Think outside the (jewelry) box!


Say you have a long-distance-loved one who you are unable to physically purchase gold jewelry for, or you are struggling to find a store around you that carries their karat of preference, purchasing a gift voucher for gold allows the receiving end to pick out their preferences of colour, design, karat, etc.



What should you consider when purchasing a gift of gold jewelry?


Firstly, you need to consider who you are purchasing for. Who is the primary wearer of the jewelry? Are you purchasing a piece for a close friend who is getting married or a new born baby? Is it for your mother on her birthday, a graduation present for your sibling or a retirement present for an elder relative? Or perhaps you are looking to gift your partner a sentiment for your anniversary or Valentine’s day.


They hold a special place in your heart, and you are looking to express how you feel through this loving and Thoughtful gesture.


Typically, for a new born baby: Gold is a skin-friendly metal and doesn’t harm the baby’s skin. It is the gesture of contributing to the little one’s initial savings. Opt for simple, delicate pieces like a gold chain, studs, an name engraved on a bangle or a pendent with the initial of their name.


Engraving or calligraphy add an extra sentimental touch to a simple piece - whether it is a graduation or anniversary gift. This feature can be added to a chain, bracelet or engraved in a ring.


When gifting for a wedding, recent gifting trends lean towards pitching in as a group to get more of a grandeur piece, you could match or add to a pre-existing set. For example, if the bride has a pair of earing that were purchased, but doesn’t have the matching necklace, a bunch of your friends or family can pool in to purchase a matching necklace or bracelet.



Pooling-in to purchase a larger, more valuable present has become an effective gifting strategy when purchasing presents as not only is it easier on the gifter’s pocket, but it also provides the giftee with something far suitable and valuable. Additionally, though quite an important investment opportunity, women don’t usually purchase large pieces of jewelry for themselves.


For your mother, aunt or elder relative, look into picking a piece of jewelry that can be work on a daily basis – to work, casual dinners, daytime events, etc. – a pair of gold hoops, stud earring with gemstones or pearls, or a matching pendant to a pair of pre-existing earrings.   


Think about what type of jewelry are you looking to gift? 


Are you looking for a piece they can wear on a day-to-day basis, or a piece heavier piece that can be worn to parties and formal events.


Keep an eye out for their personal style –


Do they wear light and delicate jewelry, or are they more inclined to statement pieces? Do they wear matching sets or individual pieces? What color of gold suits them best, white, yellow or rose gold? What is their preference of karats?


This may be a lot to process at the moment for those of you looking into purchasing gold at the moment, but regardless of what you pick, your love, admiration and compassion will shine through this gesture.