July, Month of Passionate Ruby

July, Month of Passionate Ruby

Posted by Sonia 02/07/2018 0 Comment(s)


Rubies are emblems of love and passion, an equation brought about by their amazing saturated reds. The iconic deep red gemstone has been associated over the years with nobility and is said to attract good luck.


Rubies range in shades from dark red to pink, with the deeper colors having a higher value. However, most rubies found today have been heat-treated to improve their color and clarity. Interestingly rubies are scientifically the same mineral as sapphires; only their colors differ.


The July birthstone is one of only three precious stones and when brought together with sparkling diamonds make the most stunning pieces of jewellery. A 3 piece Ruby and Diamond set featuring Ring, Pendant and Earrings in the classic white gold setting is the perfect everyday jewellery even if you are not a July born.


Emitting warmth and passion, Ruby is the perfect choice for your bridal jewellery trousseau. The versatile hue goes with all outfits and adds elegance and grandeur to your outfit.


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