Buying Jewellery Couldn’t Get More Convenient

Buying Jewellery Couldn’t Get More Convenient

Posted by Sonia 10/11/2016 0 Comment(s)


Wearing jewels is a way to express the woman you are. It is not only a reflection of your personal style, it’s an investment that will last forever. Gone are the days when you had to save and wait for years to buy jewellery. Liali Jewellery gives each and every woman the ‘independence’ to buy the jewellery of her dreams the very moment she set her eyes on it.

With Liali’s Easy Payment Plans, you can buy the jewellery of your choice without having to worry about paying a large sum of money, all at once. You don’t even have to consult anyone on the purchase since you are not paying a lump sum amount. It’s almost as easy as doing any small credit card purchase every month where you don’t feel the pinch and yet at the end of the year you have managed to add a nice piece of jewellery to your collection. Collectively it is so much better than all the little knick knacks that you would have bought through the year and probably discard at the end of it. Jewellery on the other hand…is for ever.  


What do you need to partake of Liali’s Easy Payment Plan (EPP). 1. A credit Card 2. Check if your Credit Card is part of Liali’s scheme ( most banks are), but you can also simply call your bank and check. Once the bank confirms, you can visit your nearest Lilai store and buy your favourite piece of jewellery 3. You can choose to pay for the jewellery in 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments. 4. The best part is that it is interest free!

The benefit of Easy Payment Plans is that unlike a typical EMI, you can get your payment converted into instalments and not pay any extra charges for it. In EMI, the bank will charge you a rate of interest on your instalments. In EPP, the bank will not charge you anything extra. So by the end of the payment plan, you pay only the actual price of the jewellery you bought.


The best part of EPP is the ‘Saving aspect’. Instead of saving the traditional way by keeping aside a small amount of money every month and then shop after a period of a year when there is a sizeable amount, Liali gives you the opportunity to actually buy the jewellery first and then pay back slowly every month. So you get to enjoy your new jewellery the moment you decide to pay the first instalment. What could be a more motivating way to save and spend!

In fact, if this scheme existed in your mother’s era, chances are she would invested year after year, and owned a mini heirloom for you. She couldn’t, but you can. So start investing and saving simultaneously today with Liali’s Easy Payment Plan. It’s yet another advatage  you get for shopping at Liali.